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digital transformation

Digital Transformation: 8 Brilliant Steps to Success

11 Nov 2016 - 5 min read
Digital transformation is no longer a matter of enterprise revolution. It is a business evolution which begins at a corporate level. And as digitally-oriented trends burst on the scene, a significan...

You Have an Idea? 7 Tips on How to Sell It Successfully

27 Sep 2016 - 6 min read
Some ideas are great. Others, so to speak, have a great salesman to present them. And that person can sell a painting (or even two) to a blind man in the most mesmerizing sort of way. Quite often...
digital transformation

Digital Transformation: Is it a Matter of Business Survival?

12 Sep 2016 - 4 min read
Digital transformation is no longer just a question mark written on the white board in a conference room. Neither is a topic that needs to be discussed some day in the near future. That futu...
programming languages

What are the 8 Most In-demand Programming Languages in 2016?

25 Aug 2016 - 5 min read
Sometimes it is hard to predict what lurks behind the corner when it comes to the innovative world of technologies. Yet, what is known for sure is that new trends, ideas and conceptions emer...
project managers

8 Common Mistakes Project Managers Make and How to Fix Them

03 Aug 2016 - 8 min read
IT projects vary in sizes, requirements, concepts, technologies used, time frames, efforts, skills, target audience, users and more. Every single project, however, no matter what technology o...

Becoming a Great Leader: 8 Key Traits

21 Jul 2016 - 6 min read
As a leader, quite often, you are put on a pedestal. You become a figure of both admiration and criticism. Sometimes it may feel like being Atlas, the ancient God of endurance and astronomy, but instead of being s...

Training, Learning and Tech: What Everyone Should Know

13 Jul 2016 - 7 min read
How can technology enhance training and learning? What about enterprise training programs? Or individual learning processes? What… How… What if… These are just some of the questions which pop up i...
Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility to Society or the BiG Role of the Private Sector

21 Jun 2016 - 5 min read
The role of business is diverse, for business is not simply addressing what is happening in the corporate world. It is also about what is happening in our society. The correlati...

5 Ways Technology Has Changed Business Forever

17 May 2016 - 6 min read
From typewriters, through faxes, to computers and various wearable gadgets, technology always finds a way to sneak into business. Poking core strategies with a finger and kicking cumbersome outdatedness w...