VR Medication Application
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VR Medication Application

VR Medication Application

About the solution

BGO Software developed an interactive patient support application, combining advanced technology, VR, text to speech, and software for wearable devices to provide the patient with full information for a specific medication. The application helps the patients to get an in-depth understanding of the specific medication, its pharmaceutical form, posology, and method of administration, qualitative and quantitative composition. The VR medication application is a strong tool in the hands of the patients, which helps them make the right choice and get connected with your pharma organization. 





A leading pharmaceutical organization was in need to provide its customers with a patient support application, designed to support the patients in taking their medications. The application needed to be feature-rich, available for all devices, easy to use and navigate from patients. Its purpose was to provide vital information on medications and information for related products of the company. 


The solution developed by BGO Software for a leading pharmaceutical provider is a feature-rich application, which is user-friendly and helps pharma companies to improve the connection with customers. 

Part of the supported features are:

  • Image recognition
  • AR functionality
  • Virtual pillbox
  • Software for wearable device
  • Patient reminders
  • Document storage
  • Search function
  • Activation through code
  • Text-to-speech feature


With the implementation of the application, the pharma company was able to better engage better its customers. Through the usage of the VR Medication Application, they helped their patients to explore the medications within their portfolio and to get an in-depth understanding of their usage. The end result is increased sales, improved connection with patients, better care, and interactions.