Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Setting an example and proving that the work of a few can change the lives of many

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Why Socially Responsible Business Matters

Being a proactively socially responsible company gives a true meaning to our business efforts, and attracts some of the brightest and most capable professionals in Bulgaria. People who share our desire to transform our society for the better.

To the clients and partners of BGO Software that means working with real professionals, who find a true meaning in their efforts, knowing that every task and project we complete, contributes to the lives of thousands of others.

We believe that in order for a society to prosper, governments & businesses must invest in education, improve the well-being of underprivileged citizens and promote healthy lifestyle through sports


Providing free education programs in developing regions across Bulgaria allowing hundreds of students to join the IT industry.

The IT industry makes it possible for professionals to earn income that considerably exceeds other industries’ average salaries. We designed an environment where students can become software developers, QAs, System administrators etc. in just a few months and at no cost. This is their chance to acquire up-to-date theoretical and especially practical IT skills in their hometown.

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We are investing in charity events and activities in our endeavor to improve the life of underprivileged people in our country.

In February 2015 we established “With Love For Bulgaria” charity foundation. As a non-profit organization, it has the purpose to work closely with institutions in order to raise funds for children and adults in need; it also helps people help themselves and thus strengthens existing social institutions. In just two years, we have completed over 50 successful projects that influenced over 2000 people. And this is just the beginning.

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We believe that sports can teach discipline and leadership. That’s why we are the General sponsor of National Amateur Basketball League in Bulgaria.

We help and support over 40 basketball teams across the country. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to develop and establish contemporary basketball culture in our country and enable any basketball enthusiast to play and take part in every basketball tournament and championship. With this in mind, we became the second biggest basketball organization in our country - BGO Software Nonprofessional Basketball League (NBL).

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Ivan Lekushev

Chief executive officer
BGO Software

Ivan Lekushev - CEO BGO Software

We want to be a catalyst and inspirational force for socially responsible businesses in Bulgaria and to set an example to other companies in the region – showing that the work of a few can change the lives of many. If a company of our size for 1 year can educate and train more than 1200 IT students, support a number of basketball and football initiatives, create and complete over 50 charitable projects … imagine what a company three times bigger than ours can achieve.

Our pursuit is to become the most socially responsible IT
company and the best employer in Eastern Europe. All of our business practices are led by the desire to invest in people,
to do good for the society and to be a company that leads by

Ivailo Ivanov

chief technology officer,
BGO Software

Ivailo Ivanov - CTO BGO Software

As a Progress Premier Service Delivery Partner, our IT team has gained
rich experience, having completed numerous IT trainings based on various
technologies, including Telerik Kendo UI and Progress OpenEdge.