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Why We Created a Charity Foundation
“With Love for Bulgaria”

Our way to help build awareness and funding for those who suffer
or have been overlooked by society

One of the ways in which we wish to make a difference is through investing in others and doing something good for our society. After all, the greatest power of business is apparent when we connect with other people, influence their lives and make a lasting impact. Taking on the

initiative to improve the life of many underprivileged people in our country, we established NGO “With Love for Bulgaria”. Our social responsibility applies to disadvantaged communities and strives to enhance their living standards, personal and professional opportunities.

The Opportunity Project

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Children With Special Needs

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Equal Start Academy

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Leading The Way To Socially-Conscious Business

We believe that if we can do it others can do it as well, following our example

The mission of our charity activities is to create equal chances and opportunities for those members of our society that were not given those privileges by default. As a social change agent, we understand challenges from both public and business perspective. But seeing the results from past and current initiatives and charitable projects makes us even more determined to continue to rewrite people’s stories and help them achieve their dreams. “With Love for Bulgaria” is not just a foundation. It is a platform that allows anyone to contribute and take part in all kinds of projects and causes.