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Why We Created Web Academy Plovdiv &
Web Academy Stara Zagora

Spreading IT opportunities, delivering quality education and creating
comprehensive learning experience across Bulgaria

One of the best ways to change the status quo of our society, economy and country is by revolutionizing how people learn. As a socially responsible company, we decided to empower future software experts by providing them with the best IT practices and granting them access to superior programming education and industry knowledge at no cost.

We believe that success is measured by efforts, value, the size of our dreams and the social impact of our nation. And because great results are achieved with small forces, we began establishing our first free IT Academy in Plovdiv and then spread our mission by building another Web Academy in Stara Zagora.

Front End Development - Level 1

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PHP Development - Level 1

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Front End Development - Level 2

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Our Way to Build Business Which Moves Society Forward

We design our business goals in a way that inspires people & dares them to dream big

Investing in education is investing in the personal and professional growth of our society. Therefore, our objective is to enable developers to succeed in the highly competitive IT environment. With Web Academy Plovdiv and Web Academy Stara Zagora we give people an opportunity to choose between several career-centered programming courses for free, help them find their place in the fast-developing world of technologies and work their dream job. As an epitome of our social responsibility, the Academies are created with the initial goal to allow future programmers to expand their knowledge, gain new set of in-demand skills and become innovators of their time. At BGO Software we motivate these people to actively participate in the process of building innovative, progressive and modern IT regions in Bulgaria.