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Why Do We Support Different Sports Initiatives?

We invest in sport because this way we bring communities together &
teach the value of mutual effort

There is a lot in common between business and sport. Both of them require leadership that inspires growth; teamwork which builds on the strengths of every team member and eliminates weaknesses; smart strategies which guarantee smart development; and specific objectives which align everyone and push them forward. Combined together

all of these factors encourage success. However, there’s something else which is equally applicable to both business and sport. And that thing is called support. Being a socially-conscious company, we invest in the development of young football talents and basketball players.

Supporting F.C. Zlatograd

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Sponsoring the National Basketball
League for Amateurs

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Sponsoring BGO Software Bulls

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Our Success is Measured By Our Social Impact

We address the need to maintain a socially responsible behavior which responds to social concerns

The main goal of our sports initiatives and projects is to create shared value by investing in people, building strong characters and cultivating what they are best at. The football initiatives help young players grow into professional footballers with futures as successful as those of their favorite football players. Through our basketball sponsorship, we enable dozens of teams across Bulgaria to come together and play in a number of regional and national tournaments and championships. We want to give non-professional basketball players not only a monetary support but a nonmonetary value in the form of professional basketball settings and culture. Our programs are built around the perception that sport teaches professionals and nonprofessionals core principles like discipline, leadership, respect and tolerance. It promotes exercise among children. And equips people with the ability to manage both victory and defeat.