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Strategic IT partner services

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BGO Software builds and integrates validated and GMP compliant applications and platforms in regulated environments for some of the top pharma companies. Our experience as an official vendor of managed services for Roche, Genentech and Lonza among many other partners and clients is our promise to our clients.

We combine the use of proprietary module-based platforms, proven methodologies, flexible business models and tailored services to deliver best results in the industry. BGO's pharma division of competent and trained consultants and IT professionals will ensure alignment with ISO standards (ISO 9001 and ISO 27001), CFR part 11 and GMP.

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Development services for the Pharmaceutical Industry

BGO’s experience in building validated and GMP compliant systems, as an external vendor of services to big pharma organisations, brings speed, smart budget management and faster time to market of external and internal projects.

  • Meet all regulations and compliance
  • Improved safety and risk management
  • Better business throughout technology incorporation
  • Interoperability
  • CTO as a Service

    Bridge the gap between business and IT

    This consultancy service is created to allow our pharma clients access to an on-demand senior technical leader, experienced in the development of GMP systems. BGO Software's CTOaaS consultants support IT departments in a range of activities - requirements gathering, architecture design, external team management, internal know how protection, rapid prototyping and testing. This is a completely tailored service fine tuned for the individual needs of every client and may involve 2+ consultants with different profiles and professional experience.

  • Managed Dedicated Teams

    Top quality evelopment resources on demand

    This service is custom-built for pharma companies, that need to scale up their internal capacity with senior IT professionals, experienced in the development of validated and GMP compliant systems. BGO Software's professional experience includes working with IT departments, as well as business units within pharma organisations. For every project we use a customised approach in order to respond to the different requirements and expectations, in order to create maximum value for our customers. We place focus on building a relationship based on trust and continuous feedback, to ensure constant high quality of deliverables.

Areas of expertise

Custom Product and Process Monitoring Solutions

Pharmaceutical manufacturing intelligence is a strategic area of expertise for BGO Software. We are working closely with some of the most innovative big pharma companies in building web-based GMP platforms, that support real-time Process and Product Monitoring (P&PM) and Continued Process Verification (CPV), including 21 CFR Part 11-compliant capture and centralized management of paper- based data.

Working with our team of consultants and engineers on the design, development and implementation of a custom manufacturing intelligence and regulatory compliance solution enables pharma manufacturers to:

  • Automate reporting for auditing and regulatory compliance
  • Create Advanced data intelligence by combining data from different systems
  • Allow for Real-time traction of bad batch and improved manufacturing process
  • Improve efficiency and decrease the drug manufacturing process with innovations like machine learning, IoT, artificial intelligence, and big data.
  • Support Data Management, Advanced Analytics, Validated Reporting, and Data Visualization.
  • Enable the quick management of product monitoring metrics
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VR Medication Applications

Interactive patient support applications, combining advanced technology, VR, text to speech, and software for wearable devices to provide the patient with full information for a specific medication. The application helps the patients to get an in-depth understanding of the specific medication, its pharmaceutical form, posology, and method of administration, qualitative and quantitative composition. The application is a strong tool in the hands of the patients, which helps them make the right choice and get connected with your pharma organization.

  • Engage better your customers
  • Help patients to explore the medication
  • Increase sales
  • Provide better care
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Electronic Vouchers for Medical Services platform

Interactive web platforms, which enable pharmaceutical companies to manage and oversee in real-time the full lifecycle of free medical services, provided by organizations as part of patient programs. Experience an advanced digital journey, with facilitated workflow and digitalised processes.

The platform developed by BGO Software is the right tool to digitise your patient support or adherence programs. They provide full visibility over management, costs, and results. Eliminate the heavy manual administration of free services, the intense document flow, andcomplex process design on approval and reimbursement. With EvMS everything is easy, transparent, and user-friendly.

  • Safeguard control over the release of service by the pharma company
  • Quick patient sign-up & approval process on behalf of the HCP / GP /
    Medical consultant
  • Automated reports readily available to healthcare providers and
    medical service providers
  • Enhanced patient experience and journey
  • Strong control and monitoring of the environment and costs
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Dashboarding solutions for Pharma

Clinical researches, scientists, life science, and pharma experts need advanced tools for data visualization and analysis. The technology today enables the pharma industry to use interactive data dashboards, which accelerate research, bring innovation, and help companies to optimize the internal processes. We help the pharma industry to transform the way they work and improve their outcome with the power of the data. Transform business data into actionable insights and valuable decisions with a Dashboarding Software Solution.

  • Reduced Risk by Taking Data-driven Solutions
  • Accelerated Drug Manufacturing
  • Improved Clinical Research
  • Improved Patient Outcome
  • Strong control and monitoring of the environment and costs
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Retrieve, Analyze & Transform Through Smart BI

In pharma and life science, the potential and commercial value of modern data analysis and business intelligence systems are extremely high. Boost your ability to be compliant with changing regulations by adopting a BI solution, which mines, analyzes, and translates the enormous amount of data into actionable insights.

BGO Software builds comprehensive business intelligence systems, which can help you to improve research, accelerate your organizational growth, and cut cost. Our enterprise-grade BI solutions have the power to evolve with your organization’s changing business needs. Leverage the data captured and plan and execute better clinical trials, facilitate drug development, hold financials under control. Improve your competitiveness with advanced Business Intelligence Systems.

  • Оptimize and improve the efficiency of clinical trials
  • Better insight into patient behaviour to improve drug delivery and effectiveness
  • Financial monitoring and analytics
  • Tracking of production levels and supplier networks
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CTMS Systems for Pharmaceutical

Effective management of clinical trials is at the heart of a successful research project completion. BGO Software builds tailored CTMS solutions for the pharma industry. Get a unique technology solution, covering the management of the clinical trial pipeline from the beginning to the end. Simplify the complexity and ensure transparency of the entire project lifecycle in clinical research.

As part of our portfolio, we can develop a CTMS system from scratch to fully match your business needs and processes. On the other hand, if you would like to decrease the time-to-market and get a cost-efficient solution, you can benefit from a ready CTMS platform with proven results. Collect, retain, document, and store scientific or patient data. Track deadlines, schedule visitations, and monitor the whole progress in a fast and easy manner.

  • Accelerated clinical trials
  • Streamlined processes and clinical operations
  • Improved Clinical Research
  • Improved Patient Outcome
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Trusted by Pharma Industry Leaders

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I wanted to thank you from all of us at HRA for what has been a truly ‘Herculean’ effort to launch the HARP successfully.

When we embarked on the project, we were aware that it was going to be challenging. I have to say that I never thought there would be so few issues on such a complex project! You should be very proud of your efforts, as we are and realize that there are not many (if any) groups of people who could have achieved what you did.

- Jonathan Bell, Architecture & System Manager