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A daily automotive news source, containing rich database of HD car images, wallpapers and more


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Automobilesreview.com is one of the popular online sources of information for all the car fans around the world. It has a user-friendly design, thousands of picture galleries as well as articles that keep its visitors up-to-date. As a leading source of automotive-related news, updates, reviews, press releases and galleries, we wanted to deliver the best possible user

experience when browsing on the website. Being a company that specializes in various IT services, including web development, BGO Software fashioned a completely new web design with easy to manage rich functionalities, features and menu.

Technology used:

  • PHP

  • Kohana Framework

  • jQuery

  • MySQL

Client’s Location

Sofia Bulgaria

Software Team

1 Designer

2 Engineers

Development Timeline

December 2014

January 2015

Ivailo Ivanov


AutomobilesReview is a result of our passion for cars and our more than 7-year-long expertise in this field. Founded in March 2008, AutomobilesReview.com became popular within an instant, recognized for its editors’ unique opinion as well as for the abundant galleries it features. Our website is also focusing on all important car shows during the year and covers topics like the ecological aspect of the industry. We also think that we should stay as much closer to our followers as possible. You can get involved by downloading Hi-resolution images, sharing our news, galleries and photos without any limitation.


Making sure things look the same across all browsers without failing the navigational structure. Another challenging situation that needed to be coped with was to ensure 100% readability and to redesign the website for a very short time.

Custom Website Challenge
Solution & Results

Solution & Results

Being able to adopt cutting edge tools, our experts worked with PHP + Kohana framework, JavaScript and SQL Database technology to masterfully build a resourceful website. To deliver website’s readability, we focused on three key aspects – typeface, colours and layout. Rather than making super small buttons to save space, we chose to integrate visible larger clickable areas which are easier to notice and tap on. The horizontal menu includes additional “start your feed” section that allows users to filter their news preferences and receive updates about their favourite brands and models faster. To cope with and ensure cross-browser compatibility, we used various tools throughout the testing. Before communicating the results, our team of experts planned out an effective browser testing schedules and performed check-ups not only on different browsers but also on different operating systems and monitor resolutions.

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