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AutomobilesReview App is one of the best sources for daily car news that covers everything from luxury cars to unique tunings and from concept supercars to muscle vehicles.

We developed a user-friendly mobile version of a daily car news source that provides with updates from general industry news to model-specific reviews.

Technology used:

  • Android

  • Java

  • Objective-C

Client’s Location

SofiaSf, Bulgaria

Software Team

1 Designer

1 Engineer

Development Timeline

July 2015

September 2015

Ivailo Ivanov


AutomobilesReview App is the best daily car news source that users can find on the Android App Store. Regardless of looking for a new car, searching for information about something a little bit older, or just being a fan of the newest technology features, by downloading the App you will find the latest automotive news directly in your pocket. It was designed with one goal in mind: to give you the very best car app.


While looking for the right decision, BGO Software developers were faced with the challenge of fashioning a mobile app which operates with the same easiness and smoothness on both iOS and Android. Another challenge was to promise drag and drop simplicity, while offering an array of functionalities. Having plain but at the same time engaging design was yet another issue combined with resource restraints.

Custom Mobile App Challenge
Solution & Results

Solution & Results

Thanks to the constant flow of information from one side to another, careful testing and extensive collaboration, our team managed to pull the best practices, shortened development time and cost, and created responsive and cross-platform mobile app. We included exclusive and interesting content to grab the attention of readers. Relying on Java and Android we built native Android app. The iOS mobile app was developed by using Objective C. Integrating such technologies made the AutomobilesReview mobile app capable of delivering clickable and downloadable high-resolution images as well as wallpapers, easy methods for sharing, different user profile options and news filters.

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