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Web Application

CeeCAD is a web-based software, helping construction engineers and geotechnical engineers solve common tasks which appear in every construction project.

With the latest algorithms and standards used in geotechnical engineering the platform is perfect for training new professionals. It is also an affordable solution for small and medium-sized construction engineering studios.

CeeCAD is provided as commercial SaaS (software as a service) to professionals and as a learning platform for students.

CeeCAD was developed to propose a software solution for the structural design industry. The main idea was to allow small and medium-sized businesses access to affordable professional software with a strong mathematical base, which will help them run simulations and check their solutions using different theories. CeeCAD modules include Pile foundations, Shallow foundations, Foundation slabs, Strip foundations, Retaining walls, Sheet pile walls, Pile load test, Boreholes, CPT, DPH, DPM, DPL, automatic terrain surface and soil layers interpolation, Kriging interpolation, Flexible retaining walls, Cantilever walls, Gravity walls and more.

Terrain Surface

Kriging algorithm for terrain surface interpolation and generation presented through isolines and isobands
with control of the/control over density.

Terrain surface interpolation and generation based on the thin plate equation.

Terrain Surface
Delaunay Mesh

Delaunay Mesh

Advanced two-dimensional mesh generation through Delaunay triangulation, with control over density and the angle of the Finite element.

Dynamic Input

Element dimensions are automatically adjusted and
visualized on screen immediately after the parametric

Dynamic Input

Technology used:

  • ASP.NET framework

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Telerik Kendo UI

Client’s Location


Software Team

2 Engineers

Development Timeline

September 2013


Dimitar Dikov

Chief. Ass. Prof. Dr. Eng. CEO, CAD Systems Ltd.

Every structure that we build transfers the load from its self-weight, people and technological equipment to the ground. Therefore the design of the soil base to support such loads is inevitable. We needed flexible and customizable solution to achieve some unique requirements, for all those 1000 users per month who would be accessing the solution. However, because of the low license fee, a quick, inexpensive development cycle was essential for turning a profit. Speed of development is the most essential parameter for increasing our margins. BGO Software’s developers decided to use Telerik controls which allowed us to speed up our development process and easily provide stunning navigation without the need to develop complex features.

Solution & Results

The application to be developed, called CeeCAD, would be a web-based application that helps construction and geotechnical engineers solve one of the most complex tasks in Civil engineering— determining the bearing capacity of the soil base as well as the stability of the foundation and the retaining structures. This process involves complex calculations which, when performed manually, are too time consuming and often inaccurate. After all, the soil base consists of the most complex structural materials on earth i.e. the soil.

Provided as a service (SaaS), CeeCAD would be used by professionals and students to create and print drawings, run complex calculations and prepare project documentation using only a web browser. It would put online all the features and functionality, currently available for desktop-based applications only, without compromising feature diversity and performance.

Solution & Results

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