Informative online source about training events


Website for a group of events dedicated to an executive management training event


Informative online source about training events on executive management practices


DreamersDo client provides executive leadership coaching in Bulgaria. Their goal is to bring together executives and global leading-edge practitioners in the field of leadership

management. On the whole, the client wanted to receive a website for events that would make them stand out from the crowd.

Technology used:

  • PHP

  • Wordpress

  • jQuery

Client’s Location

SofiaSf, Bulgaria

Software Team

1 Designer

2 Engineers

Development Timeline

March 2016

April 2016

Peter Goryalov

Founder and CEO, DreamersDo

Our purpose was to make the best possible web site for an event for a groundbreaking executive initiative in Bulgaria. Thus, we aimed to raise the standards for organizing high profile executive events and deliver supreme quality to executives. We chose BGO Software because of their strive for practicality and their sense of beauty along with their commitment to make the website simple and easy to use. We are grateful to the BGO Software team as they crafted every detail with care and made all the final fine tunings with patience. They respected our view and very delicately brought their sense of identity in order to create an event web site that is like no other on the Bulgarian market. We recommend BGO Software to any company, which strives for excellence and is looking for easy to use and unique signature website.


The main challenge was to avoid building complex and overly saturated user interface, while trying to retain fast loading time. Another challenge was to prevent negative user experience in case they use older browsers that haven’t adopted latest technologies.

Custom Website Challenge
Solution & Results

Solution & Results

We started by implementing PHP, effective WordPress themes, JavaScript and MS SQL Database. We relied on them to preserve the website’s good performance, while building a page full of diversified content. Working as a team and transmitting ideas across different sites helped us choose the right approach towards the inclusion of social network integration, comments and voting functionality that could simultaneously push the social network traffic. In order to tie everything together, we carried out technology-independent development process, making sure that each and every UI element (such us links, navigations or clickable areas) operates as intended and is intact for all types of screen resolutions.

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