Danish football team FC Djursland

FC Djursland

Official website for the Danish football team FC Djursland


Responsive website which contains the latest news, matches and other updates


Besides attractive design, the website is based on a CMS (content management system), full social network integration and seamless backend options. In the website you could find information about the team, players, scores, social network updates and lots of other useful information.

We were requested to build a website for a Danish football team, FC Djursland, with greater accessibility, significant design flexibility and responsiveness, customizable plug-ins, mobile readiness, social network friendliness, easy to spot social network buttons and references, and well-constructed information-filled panels and sections.

Technology used:

  • PHP

  • Wordpress

  • jQuery

  • MySQL

Client’s Location


Software Team

1 Designer

1 Engineer

Development Timeline

February 2013

March 2013

Ronni Didriksen

Director, FC Djursland

Besides attractive design, the website integrates full social network options. Thanks to that every fan can now easily find information about the team, players, scores, social network updates and lots of useful information. BGO Software team did everything we imagined, needed and expected.


We had to make sure that all of the requirements are kept within very strict time frames, without making any sacrifices in terms of quality, performance and secure browsing.

Custom Website Challenge
Solution & Results

Solution & Results

Our solid experience and know-how enabled us to craft attractive web design with spot-on sections. The look and purpose of the website were additionally highlighted by sliders and a separate Facebook news box. The latter enables site visitors to take a peek at the latest events and posts on FC Djursland’s social network. We achieved balanced functionality and simple navigation thanks to the drop-down menu which also saved a lot of space. To guarantee seamless backend options along with easy content management and complete social integration we based the website on a CMS.

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