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Rich UI web-based application for clinical research

Web Application

The web dashboard solution that we have developed for a major corporation operating within the Clinical Research industry is a tool, which allows professionals to visualize and manipulate operational data in clinical research. Users are able to apply custom filters to data and to monitor the progress of a clinical trial. The application is entirely web based, which allows remote access to the dashboard and analyzed data for users located at different offices or sites.

BGO Software built rich HTML5 UI and web service-based back-end. The dashboard visualizes large volumes of data, with the option for data filtering and arithmetic operations, in a table and graphical representation format. End-users are able to apply arbitrary combination of filters to data, while the graphical interface responds quickly and smoothly. Our solution helps to reduce the number of calls to the server and optimizes performance for interactive data analysis.

Clear and functional
data presentation

Visually appealing data presentation tool with
multi-attribute data filtering abilities

Clear and functional data presentation
Eye-catching, intuitive & user friendly interface

Eye-catching, intuitive &
user-friendly interface

Develop high-level interactivity with complex charts.
Multi-user. Allow users to access the application at
different access levels

Web-based, light, secure

Reusable API, using JSON as data exchange protocol
Maintain low loading times, high level of UI

Web-based, light, secure

Technology used:

  • ASP.NET framework


  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Telerik Kendo UI

Client’s Location

New JerseyUnited States of America

Software Team

1 Designer

2 Engineers

Development Timeline

June 2013

August 2013

Executive Director, Major CRO

Compelling data visualization is the most effective and efficient way to reveal and convey information. We have identified Kendo UI as the leading framework for developing rich web applications for interactive data visualization and have been referred to BGO Software as an expert in web development using Telerik’s products. We are very pleased with the solution developed by BGO Software, that was able to quickly grasp our requirements and deliver very elegant and responsive web application on a very aggressive schedule.

Solution & Results

The look and feel of this solution was of major importance for our client. The approach used to visualize the large amount of data, would determine the success of the application within the organization and would determine the future strategy of the company of how to handle and analyze the vital data for the company’s business.

Compress data in JSON format and Kendo UI controls presented us with the opportunity to deliver expected results in minimum development time, and easily provide stunning navigation without the need to develop complex features from scratch. That allowed us to match the client’s budget and exceed expectations.

Thanks to Kendo UI controls, we managed to meet expectations and contribute to the success of our client’s internal operations.

Solution & Results

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