Bespoke Incident Management System

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Bespoke Incident Management System


Advanced Web-based Incident Management System

Web Application

The Incident Management System developed by BGO Software is a complex solution allowing the flawless handling of incidents from start to finish. An advanced flow of over 200 interconnected forms helps users follow a strict procedure and ensures transparency during all stages of the incident. The system comes equipped with

modules that cover every aspect of incident management from necessary resource, including personnel, equipment and more, to finance and logistics matters. The IMS was created with user-friendliness as priority and allows the smooth work of all its users, thus additionally speeding up crucial processes.

Mapping component

The situation map enables users to create a sketch of the current situation and mark important elements such as incident location, location helipads, etc.

Mapping component
Mobile device functionality with offline capability

Mobile device functionality with offline capability

Unique set of mobile applications that support
the user from the moment of incident creation
to more in-depth resource planning.

Technology used:


  • Telerik Kendo UI

  • SignalR

  • jQuery / JavaScript

  • C#

  • MS SQL

Client’s Location

United States of America

Software Team

9 Engineers

1 Project Manager

Development Timeline

November 2014


Director of Software Development

We looked to BGO Software to provide development expertise with the Telerik Kendo UI toolset to help jump start a project and we still continue to use their development services four years later. Their commitment and understanding of our application and delivering timely results have led to this long-term partnership.

Solution & Results

The client needed to modernize and migrate the existing platform from Silverlight to HTML 5 and JavaScript. It was required to conserve the old functionalities and vision of the application, as the client wanted minimum changes in the user experience and interface of the system.

The main challenge was to preserve the look and feel of the existing system. Some of the functionalities and behavior of the application were extremely difficult to duplicate. However, BGO Software’s IT experts found the best solution that not only reached but exceeded the expectations of both our client and their customers.

Utilizing ASP.NET MVC and Kendo UI widgets, we managed to build responsive web-based application undistinguished from the existing Silverlight platform. Through our modernization of the existing application the client achieved higher performance, productivity and security, thus maximizing the product value. The results were fascinating: high level of UI responsiveness; multi-browser support, including mobile devices without the need of an extra plugins installation; multi-language support; ultra-fast login and more. As a management software used in critical situations, the main benefit was the improved speed and faster response time.

Solution & Results

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