CIMS platform dedicated website


CIMS platform dedicated website


Website based on the web-based vector graphic mapping platform and its capabilities


Our client wanted BGO Software to come up with a cleverly designed website that crystalizes and best outlines what StackFM stands for. They also required full administrator control over the platform in order to be able to make changes and perform other tasks when necessary.

Stack FM is a powerful tool for an organisation’s facilities department. It is a unique, web-based vector graphic

mapping platform designed for the various daily operational needs of properties and districts management. The flexibility of Stack FM allows for unlimited tracking of operational and business-related information over any type of drawing, including the following: Site Plan, Mall Floor Plan, Office Floor Plan, Factory Floor Plan, Machine, Electrical Diagram, Boat, Rig, etc.

Technology used:

  • PHP

  • Wordpress

  • jQuery

Client’s Location

Los AngelesUnited States

Software Team

1 Designer

1 Engineer

Development Timeline

March 2014

April 2014

Peter Kalev


We thought of BGO Software as the best possible solution-maker for our operational projects related to FM. We identified everyone we collaborated with to be thoughtful, skillful and experienced enough.

They combined just the right percentage of their industry expertise with our own business views. This successful professional combination delivered results, which were specifically tailored to our requirements and needs.

We worked with a team that had sufficient understanding of the StackFM needed architecture, functionalities and features.

Thank you BGO Software team!


Sometimes interface elements that can save some space become more of a burden on users as they have to guess what might be hidden in the dropdown icons or menus. In this regard, the biggest challenge when building the platform was choosing appropriate elements for displaying content, while discarding unnecessary components.

Custom Website Challenge
Solution & Results

Solution & Results

Versatility, straightforwardness and catchy interface became our priority because users of such websites often get confused by excessively saturated and complicated web designs. We incorporated top-notch plug-ins that support intuitive navigation and increase visibility. Moreover, BGO Software developers improved functionality by boosting the website speed and by allowing admins to quickly view stats. The use of other technologies like PHP, JavaScript and MS SQL Database helped us create the required flexibility that delivers unrestrained tracking of operational and business-related data.

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