Collaborative infrastructure management solution (CIMS)

StackFM Web Application

Web-based facility and maintenance management system


Collaborative infrastructure management solution (CIMS)

Web Application

StackFM is a powerful tool for an organization’s Facilities Department, and is a market leader in the United States in its niche.

StackFM is a unique, web-based vector graphic mapping platform designed for the various daily operational needs of properties and districts management. The flexibility of StackFM allows for unlimited tracking of operational and

business-related information over any type of drawing, including: Site Plan, Mall Floor Plan, Office Floor Plan, Factory Floor Plan, Machine, Electrical Diagram, Boat, Rig.

The information system is designed to streamline facilities operations. It manages information on easy to navigate maps, floor plans or charts and collaborates with team members across the hall or across the world.

Assets Tracking

Tracks exact location, dimension and more for an
unlimited number of assets. Easy drag-and-drop
manipulation on floor plans or maps; sends notifications when leases or warranties expire; seamless integration
with work orders management. A dashboard view allows users to see multiple reports simultaneously.

Assets Tracking
Work Orders Management

Work Orders Management

Gets your maintenance under control with computerized maintenance management software. Creates work orders directly for specific assets, at a specific location, or independently. User-defined life cycle allows for handling
of a wide variety of work orders; manages warranties,
vendors and service contracts.

Space Planning

Plans your space according to your needs with an easy to
use graphical interface. Identifies available space on
color-coded floor plans. Precises measurements and
multiple planning scenarios. Custom space and
forecasting reports.

Space Planning

Technology used:

  • ASP.NET framework

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • HTML5

  • JavaScript

Client’s Location

CaliforniaUnited States of America

Software Team

2 Engineers

Development Timeline

March 2014

March 2016

Peter Kalev


We thought of BGO Software as the best possible solution-maker for our operational projects related to FM. We identified everyone we collaborated with to be thoughtful, skillful and experienced enough.

They combined just the right percentage of their industry expertise with our own business views. This successful professional combination delivered results, which were specifically tailored to our requirements and needs.

We worked with a team that had sufficient understanding of the StackFM needed architecture, functionalities and features.

Thank you BGO Software team!

Solution & Results

BGO Software had to implement a comprehensive and flexible facilities management software solution from scratch in order to replace the old system (Accendo) based on Silverlight technology. The requirement of the client was to develop an application with the same outlook and functionalities as the ones of the existing system, without making significant changes to the initial interface.

The biggest challenge for our team was to implement the same look and feel of Silverlight adding extra functionalities to SVG plus pure JavaScript without using any external libraries. Utilizing the newest HTML5 (JavaScript + SVG) technologies our engineers managed to implement transitioning tasks and handle the complex graphical part of the project.

As a result, we created web-based application that could hardly be distinguished from the existing Silverlight system. We managed to mimic its look and feel, and to improve speed-end response time significantly.

Solution & Results

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