Cross-platform native mobile app

STACK FM Mobile App

A mobile portal designed to streamline facilities operations


Cross-platform native mobile app for collaborative infrastructure management solutions

Mobile Apps

Our client relied on our expertise to develop a mobile portal in addition to the StackFM web-based platform. They wanted our team of developers to create an app which delivers operational excellence and seamless browsing experience to users of iOS and Android devices.

With the active StackFM subscription users are able to manage log entries, work orders etc. features the same way they do it in the web version.

Technology used:

  • .NET

  • jQuery

  • Telerik AppBuilder

Client’s Location

CaliforniaUnited States of America

Software Team

1 Designer

2 Engineers

Development Timeline

March 2014

April 2014

Peter Kalev


We thought of BGO Software as the best possible solution-maker for our operational projects related to FM. We identified everyone we collaborated with to be thoughtful, skillful and experienced enough.

They combined just the right percentage of their industry expertise with our own business views. This successful professional combination delivered results, which were specifically tailored to our requirements and needs.

We worked with a team that had sufficient understanding of the StackFM needed architecture, functionalities and features.

Thank you BGO Software team!


The biggest challenge was to trigger action by offering interactive options that allow the app to respond to positions, directions, screen sizes and formats of different mobile devices. While trying to optimize for accessibility, our team had to use the newest technologies in order to enable options for quick information management on maps, charts and floor plans.

Custom Mobile App Challenge
Solution & Results

Solution & Results

We found the balance between the best technical solution and the expectation of our client. Because StackFM is maintained as a tool that is primarily focused on web services, we used .NET based API in order to build authentic high-quality hybrid mobile app which could still deliver smoothness and easiness when using a mobile device to access the StackFM service. In our attempt to achieve ultimate visibility and intuitive design, we optimized the layout of the initial content. We added usable features to allow quick response time, while performing different tasks – grouping work orders into projects, tracking locations, navigating across maps, space planning and more.

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