Web-based B2C application

Unimasters Logistics

Web-based B2C application


Transportation management software

Web Application

The web based B2C application that we developed for Unimasters Logistics client allows customers to track and trace all their shipments. With shipment tracking, customers can keep a constant eye on their delivery and view its status at any time. Along with its many other functionalities, clients have a personal profile where they can store and manage their purchases, invoices, personal information etc. The platform covers every process from order entry, through collecting, packing and shipping, to delivery.

Our solution provides clients with the opportunity to make electronic requests for quotations and e-bookings, to place orders quickly and easily, and to monitor events and performance.

The application allows UML employees to make more than one offer at the same time, thus customers can choose the best available alternatives for the transportation service based on price, delivery time and delivery days. The information is available through an intuitive web interface where the client can find all the information they need.

The platform integrates not only features for multiple offers, but also an opportunity for real communication and feedback to the customer.

Real-time tracking

The platform guarantees full visibility on shipments, so
that clients can view shipment's movement, access
shipping documents, browse orders history, make quick booking, manage invoices, create reports and many more.

Real time tracking
Work Orders Management

Work Orders Management

The web-based system helps clients stay better connected with their shipments, so that they can streamline
processes, increase planning, better manage
documentation, and generate higher efficiencies.

Freight transportation

Whether goods are moved by air, ocean or road, our
solution delivers freight of any kind anywhere in the
world, giving customers cost-effective options to suit their schedule and budget.

Freight transportation

Technology used:

  • PHP

  • Kohana Framework

  • jQuery

  • MySQL

  • Twitter Bootstrap

Client’s Location


Software Team

2 Engineers

1 Project Manager

Development Timeline

September 2013

July 2015

Petya Dimova

Unimasters Logistics, Client

I needed a working solution that could give me simplicity, usability and easier accessibility when tracking shipments. But most of all, I wanted time-efficiency. Thanks to BGO Software and their help with UniMasters Logistics I received all of these. Purchase-history is quickly managed and satisfying results are quickly delivered.

Solution & Results

The client exchanged their business ideas so that we could craft an application that best fits their requirements. We used a number of technologies to create an agile web application, which enables all sorts of shipment management and documentation procedures. Moreover, the system lets the client find the most appropriate as well as time- and cost-efficient transport.

Undertaking this project, BGO Software experts faced the challenge of building a multitasking and full-featured platform which would allow UML personnel to complete different tasks – from shipments, through tracking, to preparing detailed access and review reports. The most common complexity was to allow application users to simultaneously and time-efficiently manage as many processes as possible.

Our solution incorporated innovative functionalities and capabilities for effective real-time communication between service providers and customers.

Solution & Results

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