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Interactive Mobile Application for both iOS and Android platforms


A flexible mobile app that compliments the interactive web application

Mobile Apps

The client partnered with us so that we could craft a mobile app that best fits their requirements. We used a number of technologies to create an agile solution, which enables all sorts of shipment management tasks and documentation

procedures. Moreover, the system lets the client find the most appropriate as well as time- and cost-efficient transport that best fits their business needs. And all of this – on the go.

Technology used:

  • Cordova

  • jQuery

  • Telerik AppBuilder

Client’s Location

SofiaSf, Bulgaria

Software Team

1 Designer

1 Engineer

Development Timeline

March 2015

June 2015

Petya Dimova

Unimasters Logistics, Client

I needed a working solution that could give me simplicity, usability and easier accessibility when tracking shipments. But most of all, I wanted time-efficiency. Thanks to BGO Software and their help with UniMasters Logistics I received all of these. Purchase-history is quickly managed and satisfying results are quickly delivered.


Undertaking this project, BGO Software’s experts had to build a multitasking and full-featured mobile platform, which would allow Unimasters Logistics personnel plus their clients to manage different tasks – from shipments, through tracking, to preparing detailed review reports. The most common complexity was to allow app users to simultaneously and time-efficiently manage as many processes as possible.

Custom Mobile App Challenge
Solution & Results

Solution & Results

We used technologies such as Telerik AppBuilder, Cordova and jQuery in order to construct a flexible module for preparing different offers, matching the needs of clients from all around the world. Moreover, our solution incorporated innovative functionalities and capabilities for effective real-time communication between service providers and customers. Kendo list-views, for instance, enable end-users to check and trace shipments and supplies. The rest of the technology used helped us add different functionalities to enable users to view the current status of their shipment, details routings, history of their deliveries and more.

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