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Application modernization

Strategy and implementation

Selecting the right partner and the right platform are crucial to your successful application modernization. Our application modernization know-how will benefit your business in many ways. It will help you make your products more accessible, thus reaching more end-users and clients. Your tech teams will leverage existing skills and improve

productivity, consequently releasing their full potential. What is more the transition will help better integrate applications with other systems no matter internal, supplier or customer. All in all, we will make it possible for your business to opt for a scalable, platform-independent and automated solution.


  • Telerik Kendo UI

  • jQuery

  • Twitter Bootstrap

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An income statement and a balance sheet is a representation of decisions already made.

Modernization roadmap

Strategy and implementation

1. Assessment

Analyze key business objectives

Assess current state

  • Business Processes
  • IT infrastructure
  • Staff and skill levels

Discover applications for modernization

2. Transitional Architecture

Strategic Planning

Assess Application reuse

Capture business vision

Define phases & create roadmap

  • Transitional architecture
  • Future state architecture
3. Development & Integration

Establish Integration architecture & infrastructure

Business processes impact planning

Development, integration and design

4. Maintenance and Support

Ongoing development support

Couching, mentoring, consulting

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