Application Modernization with Kendo UI

Give your back-end a stunning front end – Open Edge and beyond

Let's start

a new project together

BGO Software helps you modernize and strengthen
your existing OpenEdge applications, giving them an elegant
look and feel

Why Application Modernization?

Synergize business objectives with technological capabilities

Our modernization services will make your current applications more flexible and will help increase code re-use and accelerate the development cycle. Modernization guarantees reduced application maintenance expenses as well as risks. But above all, it will help your company to extract the biggest value from already existing applications.

It also updates and streamlines the application back-end and front-end, provides with wider accessibility to a larger group of end-users, empowers existing skills, while promoting new ones, accelerates productivity and optimizes application adaptability.

Product Reach

Make your product
accessible for millions
of mobile users

Innovation & Growth

Enable innovation and
growth, train your IT
team with the latest tech

Increase Value

Create new business
value from your existing

Who is this service suitable for?

Organizations using
OpenEdge, that consider
front-end with Kendo UI

Companies using Kendo
, willing to increase
workforce productivity
across all departments

Businesses moving from
desktop to web-based and
mobile applications

Application Modernization Services

We define scope of the transition, approve wireframes, validate
requirements, estimate project and build a roadmap

Get Tailored Advice

Create capacity through
training and consultancy –
on-line or on-site

Take Your Team
To The Next Level

Benefit from our complete
training programs and
mentoring for Tech teams
and departments

Get It Done For You

We know the whole application
development cycle and
we can do it for you

Strategy, implementation
and our approach to modernization

Digital Transformation Roadmap

1. Assessment
  • Software application evaluation
  • IT team knowledge and skills
  • Infrastructure capacity
2. Strategic Planning
  • Business objectives definition
  • Team training program
  • Modernization roadmap
3. Implementation
3.1 Internal delivery
  • Training program delivery
  • Project setup
  • Mentoring and coaching
3.2 External delivery
  • Development and integration
  • Project acceptance
  • Training and transition
Mobile devices
4. Maintenance & Support
  • Ongoing development and consultancy
  • Coaching, mentoring
  • Support

Build Modern Web and Mobile Applications

Utilizing Telerik Kendo UI and Progress OpenEdge

Training objectives
Build a web
interface with
Kendo UI
Build a hybrid
mobile app with
Telerik AppBuilder
Expose OpenEdge
business logic as
a rest service
Introduction to Kendo UI for jQuery
Overview of Kendo UI Widgets
Data binding with Kendo UI DataSource
Customizing with Kendo UI Templates
Using Kendo UI MVVM framework
Data management and visualization
with Kendo UI Charts

Kendo Hybrid UI - Overview

Kendo Hybrid UI - Application

Kendo Hybrid UI - View

Kendo Hybrid UI - Styling

Theme Builder for Mobile

Kendo Hybrid UI - Components

Using Kendo Web Widgets with Kendo
Hybrid UI

Integration of Kendo Hybrid UI with
Kendo UI Web

Introduction to Telerik App Builder

Using Telerik Screen Builder

Deploying and Publishing your app


Full Training Program

As a Progress Premier Service Delivery Partner, our IT team has gained
rich experience, having completed numerous IT trainings based on various
technologies, including Telerik Kendo UI and Progress OpenEdge.