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BGO Software has trained and mentored a wide range of big
to small IT teams for the ultimate Kendo UI experience

Kendo UI Experience

Kendo UI on-site and remote training

BGO Software becomes a distinguished Progress Premier Service Delivery Partner after having completed a number of projects based on Kendo UI, Open Edge and other innovative technologies. We are now sharing this expertise with the industry by crafting and delivering bespoke training solutions, right in your office or online.

The toolset enables developers to create modern web and mobile applications by using HTML5 and JavaScript.

It delivers everything for the client-side. Mastering the use of it will save your IT team time and money. It will also improve applications’ performance and will make your projects visually more attractive.

Get started with Kendo UI in just a few days. Our training courses are the fastest way to implement it into your applications.

View the list of Kendo UI
training courses we offer

  • Java Script and jQuery training
  • Kendo UI Overview /free webinar/
  • Kendo UI Web Standard
  • Kendo UI Web Standard Practical
  • Kendo UI Web Advanced
  • Kendo UI Web Advanced Practical
  • Kendo UI PHP wrappers
  • Kendo UI MVC wrappers
  • Kendo UI Mobile
  • Kendo UI + OpenEdge integration
  • AngularJS training
  • Kendo UI Angular JS Integration

Full Training Program

Kendo UI Webinars

Our webinars provide developers with all the needed knowledge, allowing them to use
the toolset to its full potential, while saving your organization time and effort

Kendo UI Web

Kendo Mobile

Kendo Dataviz

  • Build rich web and mobile
    user interface with Kendo UI
  • Optimize Kendo UI based
    screens for mobile devices
  • Use the full set of
    components of the
  • Customise and extend
    standard Kendo UI
  • Manipulate and visualize
    data structures


Build Modern Web and Mobile Applications

7 hours of
1 hour Q&A

Day 1

Building Web Apps with
Kendo UI for jQuery

Introduction to Kendo UI for jQuery
Overview of Kendo UI Widgets
Data binding with Kendo UI DataSource
Customizing with Kendo UI Templates
Using Kendo UI MVVM framework
Data management and visualization
with Kendo UI Charts

Day 2

Building Mobile Apps with
Kendo UI for jQuery

Kendo Hybrid UI - Overview

Kendo Hybrid UI - Application

Kendo Hybrid UI - View

Kendo Hybrid UI - Styling

Theme Builder for Mobile

Kendo Hybrid UI - Components

Using Kendo Web Widgets with Kendo
Hybrid UI

Integration of Kendo Hybrid UI with
Kendo UI Web

Introduction to Telerik AppBuilder

Using Telerik Screen Builder

Deploying and Publishing your app

Day 3

Hands-on Lab
Hands-on exercises

Overview of Kendo UI Widgets /2 exercises/

Data binding with Kendo UI
DataSource /2 exercises/

Customizing widgets outlook with Kendo UI
Templates /2 exercises/

Data Visualization with Charts /1 exercises/

Bind widgets to data using Kendo UI
MVVM framework /2 exercises/

As a Progress Premier Service Delivery Partner, our IT team has gained
rich experience, having completed numerous IT trainings based on various
technologies, including Telerik Kendo UI and Progress OpenEdge.

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