Harry Birimirski: From GMP Validated Systems Guru to a Car Race Winner

27 Oct 2022 - 2 min read Harry Birimirski: From GMP Validated Systems Guru to a Car Race Winner

Harry is that kind of person who looks very modest at first sight. A few minutes later, when he trusts you a little bit, he starts talking about his work – again with a great amount of modesty. Then when you ask him – what’s so special about working with companies with healthcare and in his case – one of the leading pharmaceuticals in the world, he is very confident in his response – “I learn something new every day by meeting incredible intelligent and talented people. Yes, I am the developer they hired, but I also understand the core of their business and processes in order to create the solution that fits their needs. That makes me feel part of something big and valuable.”

And he doesn’t say that because marketing guys are holding a gun to his head. 🙂 He truly believes it.

Harry started working for BGO Software as a.NET Developer about 8 years ago. He is one of the most talented experts in drug manufacturing software, specifically GMP Validated Systems. And, wait a minute…his passion is…his car. Not to take it to the mall, but to race it. And, of course, win with it.

How does this relatively unusual combination help him succeed in both his career and personal life?

Let’s find out!

Harry, tell us more about your passion – car races? Is it the adrenaline of the race or is it about the cars?

There is a clear difference between car enthusiasts and racing drivers. If you care too much about your car, you cannot push it to do limit and that’s what the drivers do.

What is the adrenaline to code for digital health solution?

Ah I don’t think there is any… maybe if you delete a database by mistake 🙂 But you have to be extremely precise, that’s the common thing between driving and building software that could save lives.

You are a Guru in the GMP Validated Systems here at BGO. What’s so unique about this type of Sofware?

The process of releasing is more complicated than the traditional way of how we usually deliver software products. It’s quite challenging to summarize so many rules and years of learning, but as I love to say: “it’s all about expectations” and in this case – they are very high, there is no room for any mistakes.

One piece of advice for all those guys who are wondering whether to join the digital health space as developers right now?

Bearing in mind my previous experience in different companies and industries, I would say, at some point of your career as a software engineer the value of what you are doing is becoming more and more important.  And… It takes time to understand the difference between the value and the price of something. When that happens, from a SOFTWARE developer, you become a PRODUCT ENGINEER. If that’s what you want to do – we are waiting for you to join the ride.