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BGO Software joins Health Level Seven International (HL7), a global organization that develops
standards for the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of electronic health information.

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Empowering Digital Health Innovation
for Healthcare Trend-setters

Your end-to-end tech partner, championing efficiency and service
transformation: from initial concept through to continuous evolution,
empowering you with the expertise you need.

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Advancing eHealth Solutions:
Bridging Quality of Life with

Digital healthcare demands agile solutions. Using a technology-agnostic approach, our team develops web and mobile applications, empowering patients and clinicians to leverage health data seamlessly. With our expertise, we develop and modernise systems that consistently surpass industry standards and adapt to evolving regulations.

  • Mobile and web health solutions
    for on-the-go care
    ; telemedicine
    to digital therapeutics.

  • Expert-built apps for patient
    , used by organisations
    like the NHS.

  • Cross-platform solutions digitising patient records & streamlining collaboration.

  • Comprehensive CRM for patient support & adherence, fostering improved patient outcomes.

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BGO’s Proficiency in eHealth

Leveraging our team’s tech expertise and deep industry understanding, BGO transforms challenges in eHealth into streamlined, impactful solutions.

Patient Engagement

BGO Software has developed a wide range of Patient Engagement mobile and hybrid applications helping health service providers to track remotely patients, provide support and engage them with the right information according to their condition. Thanks to these technology solutions, companies can deliver better value and improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients globally.


  • Connect better with patients
  • Delivers direct-to-consumer virtual care services
  • Connect with wearables to track and capture data
  • Collect data remotely and personalise your services
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Digital Therapeutics & Monitoring Applications

Chronic conditions require constant monitoring and support to patients to improve conditions and live a better life. BGO Software is experienced in building digital health applications for remote patient monitoring, support and navigation. Some of our solutions are used by government organizations like NHS in UK.


  • Personalised care
  • Deliver health educational content
  • Drive engagement and adherence to treatment
  • Collect and analyse complex data
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Electronic Patient Records

A cross-platform hybrid solution to digitalise your patient information and health records, as well as all administrative tasks and the storage of clinical records. We are experienced in building solutions to streamline the communication and collaboration of various points of the healthcare ecosystem and make it easier to access the full medical history of each patient.


  • Fill in EHR forms on the go
  • Access centralised data in a secure way
  • Use ready and easy to customise templates
  • Make data-driven decisions for patient wellbeing
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Healthcare CRM

Patient CRM - a user-friendly software solution for the management of patient support and patient adherence programs. It covers all the needs of the program or clinical trial by providing an online platform for all participants in it. Support patients, improve adherence and achieve better outcomes with the help of a user-friendly and lightweight software solution.


  • Fill in EHR forms on the go
  • Access centralised data in a secure way
  • Use ready and easy to customise templates
  • Make data-driven decisions for patient wellbeing
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Why hire BGO Software’s Expertise
for your eHealth Solutions

Crafting bespoke eHealth solutions tailored to providers and patients, securely and innovatively.

  • Customised eHealth
    Design for Diverse Needs

    Tailored platforms for diverse user groups,
    ensuring cohesion and usability.

  • Comprehensive Software

    Holistic eHealth strategies, empowering
    and supporting patient care and outcomes.

  • Adaptive Development
    & Engagement

    Our eHealth solutions align with dynamic
    client, regulatory and industry needs.

  • Collaborative
    Communication Channels

    Prioritizing efficient workflows, we maintain
    transparent communications, keeping
    client objectives central.

  • Robust and Secure
    Testing Protocols

    Secure testing environments ensure
    confidentiality, system integrity and user

  • Dedication to Core
    eHealth Values

    From integrated healthcare to digitising
    processes, we stand committed to quality,
    safety, and data accuracy.

Featured eHealth Solutions Case Studies

Self-management application solution for patients
Mobile App

Self-management application solution
for patients

HealthSuite is the leading management tool for patients with inflammatory conditions that provides effective digital therapies.

  • Ampersand Health
  • United Kingdom
  • May 2018 - Ongoing
MySQL Angular Kotlin
Drug Manufacturing Intelligence Solution
Web platform

Revolutionizing Medical Learning:
The Web App that Brings Virtual Reality
to Students

A web application that connects medical students to a Virtual Reality Healthcare Training Tool.

  • Medical Realities
  • London, UK
  • 2022 - Present
Microsoft .NET Microsoft Azure +2

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Our Services

Digital Health Services for sustainable healthcare. Delivered with a Net Promoter Score of over 84%.

  • CTO as a Service

    Tailored Tech Consultancy

    Bring in a high-impact, senior technical leader specialized in your healthcare vertical. Let them handle your technology challenges, manage the engineering team, and guarantee the success of your projects.

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  • Product Development

    Streamlined & Compliant

    Design and develop your digital health products using state-of-the-art agile methodologies, ensuring quick project start, reduced risks, and maximum success.

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  • On-Demand IT Talent

    High–skilled & Flexible

    Custom–built digital health IT teams ready to integrate with yours, instantly expand capacity, and help implement your digital strategy roadmap–better, faster and more cost–efficient.

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Why Work With Us


15 years of working on digital health products in regulated industries.


A wide variety of successful projects and industry expertise.


An innovation culture shaped by mutual trust, creativity, agility and adaptability.


We are honoured to have gained the trust of government and corporate leaders.

  • Deep Healthcare Expertise

    We seamlessly integrate to accelerate your teams, delivering world-class solutions on time and within budget.

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  • Compliant Architecture

    We develop solutions that are fully secure
    and compliant
    with the globally established healthcare standards and requirements.

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    A Trusted Strategic Partner

    We go the extra mile to communicate and understand business objectives, leading to exceptionally high project success.

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Did you know that BGO Software is one of the only companies strictly specialising in digital health IT talent and tech leadership?

Our team has over 15 years of experience helping health startups, Fortune 100 enterprises, and governments deliver leading healthcare tech solutions.

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