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Investing in Companies & Products
Shaping the Future of Healthcare

We don't just enable our partners' tech capacity through our services
and strategic consulting; We're also committed to advancing digital
health through visionary investments

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Helping Your Innovation
Thrive in Digital Healthcare


Most healthcare startups fail because they fail to bridge the tech, compliance and strategic gaps unique to digital healthcare. Mere investment just doesn't cut it.

That's why our unique investment approach extends beyond finding. We blend financial support with strategic and tech partnership, drawing on our wealth of experience working with a number of healthcare industry leaders.

This distinctively positions us — and possibly you — to navigate the complex digital healthcare landscape and make a real difference.

We're committed to fostering your growth, ensuring your solutions are not only innovative but also align with healthcare standards, maximizing their impact and commercial viability

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    Tech & Strategic Expertise

    15 years in leading healthcare tech, solutions focused on the latest in technology and system design.

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    Market-Ready Compliance

    Our solutions consistently meet business needs in rigorous security, scalability, and compliance standards.

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    Committed Investment

    We put skin in the game with the goal of growing with you and building your solution and team for success.

digital health and beyond

Investment Focus Areas

Empowering healthcare transformation and tech synergy,
with emphasis on long-term technological partnerships.

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    Digital Health Innovators

    We provide the technological expertise and strategic guidance, apart from just funding, to help our partners excel in creating impactful digital health solutions.

    65% of all clients we've worked with have had some irregularities in terms of architectural design. Such mistakes in healthcare can be detrimental to a startup's success.

    Leverage our learnings and bring groundbreaking technologies to improve patient care and medical practices.

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    Cross-over Tech Potential

    We invest in innovative tech ideas with potential healthcare applications.

    For instance, a company excelling in AI might not be healthcare-focused today, but its technology could transform how we analyze medical data or enhance patient diagnostics tomorrow.

    By identifying and nurturing these crossover potentials, we aim to bring fresh perspectives and revolutionary solutions to the healthcare industry.

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Partnership Types

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    We partner with visionary founders to accelerate their journey from concept to market. From providing tech expertise and strategic guidance to ensuring compliance, making sure every partnership is a blueprint for success in the digital health ecosystem.

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    VCs & Startup Studios

    By co-investing and pooling our technical expertise, we help mitigate risks, streamline the path to compliance, and apply agile development practices to accelerate market entry and product maturity.

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Your Tech Growth Catalyst

We’ve spent the last 15 years working with some of the biggest
companies in healthcare, protecting their runways like our own. We
bring this entrepreneurial thinking, expertise and the tools to
accelerate your business with better technology, value, and ROI

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  • Future-ready Compliance

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  • Expertise & Collaboration

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We'll Make Sure You're Building
the Right Thing



We'll help you build a solid business case.

We'll speak to your users and iterate.

We'll handle the tech, giving you more time to focus on core

We'll guide you through scaling.

We'll help you succeed.

  • box hero 01 clinicubes
    partnership type

    CliniCubes CTMS is an advanced clinical trial management system designed for seamless end-to-end management, with a focus on budgeting, finance tracking, and reporting. Its comprehensive features enable efficient management of clinical trial pipelines, enhancing site management and collaboration, thereby streamlining the entire clinical trial process.

    box hero 02 astranova
    partnership type

    Astra Nova offers online training solutions and up-to-date and affordable pharmaceutical training. Their services cover a wide range of activities, procedures, and processes related to the manufacturing of medicinal products, drugs, devices, and more.

  • box hero 03 metaforms
    partnership type

    Metaforms offers an innovative, secure, and customizable SaaS solution for digitizing documents in pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations. It simplifies and accelerates data capture and processing, enabling seamless creation and management of various forms and documents, enhancing efficiency and integration with existing systems.

    box hero 04 xtatic
    partnership type

    Xtatic Health offers specialized content marketing services focused on healthcare education technology. They excel in creating impactful content that educates and inspires action, utilizing strategies like SEO optimization and social media presence to elevate healthcare ed-tech companies in the digital space.

  • box hero 05 socyber
    partnership type

    SoCyber stands at the forefront of cybersecurity, specialising in protecting sensitive business data from the escalating threats of cybercrime. Their expert team proactively identifies and mitigates vulnerabilities, offering comprehensive security solutions across various sectors, ensuring robust defense and business continuity in an increasingly digital world.

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    Ivan Lekushev
    a note from our ceo

    At BGO Software, we're not just enabling partners to shape the future of digital health – we're investing in it.

    Ivan Lekushev, CEO BGO Software

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Supporting You From Idea
to Launch to Scale

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