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Are you looking to quickly gain understanding and
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The most practical approach
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The most practical approach to get started

Understanding end user needs is critical for software development projects, particularly in digital health. You need a software delivery that suits your business needs and those of the end-user at the same time. So, let’s embark on an innovative process.

We will start with the basics of design thinking. By identifying user needs and creating a quick prototype, we will enable end users to interact with a clickable prototype of your product and collect real world feedback, before even one line of code is written. This will lead us towards an ideal solution for your business.

The full discovery service will allow you to skip building and launching your product to get a first line to learning how your users or clients would use it and what they need.

Full discovery

We handle the entire process, from identifying end users’ problems to identifying the functionalities and features that will solve the problems.

Process overview

Design thinking is a problem-solving approach that involves understanding the needs of users, prototyping solutions, and iterating on those solutions until they meet the needs of users effectively.

Testing e valuating the solution with users Prototyping c reating a model of the solution Ideaton g enerating potential solutions Definition clearly rec ognize the problem Empathy g rasp the needs of the users Design the right thing Design things right


  • SRS (Software Requirements Specification)
  • SDS documentation (Software Design
  • Diagram of System Architecture
  • Prototype with high fidelity (clickable)
  • User journey flow diagrams and wireframes
  • Estimate for a Graphic Design/ UX Project

Expertise invested in the process

Business Analyst, Project Manager, Software Architect & Graphics/UX Designer

How much time do we invest?

The full discovery session usually takes up to 3 weeks. Your participation is limited to a few meetings.

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Internal Setup
    and Research

    Empathize +

  • Internal

    user journeys

  • Ideation
    User journeys discussion & collecting ideas


  • Technical

    Wireframes &
    Compile ideas
    to scope

  • Wireframes

    Hi fidelity

  • Wireframes

    Hi fidelity

  • Align & Decide

    user testing

  • User testing


  • User testing


  • Iterate on

    apply feedback

    Specs /

  • Iterate on

    apply feedback

    Specs /

  • Align & Decide
    refine MVP

    Specs /

  • Estimates

    Project Plan

    Specs /

  • Specs /

  • Send

    Wrap up call,

Activities with customer involvement

Why design thinking?

Design thinking’s goal is to understand the needs, wants, and desires of end users and to create products and services that meet those needs in innovative and effective ways.

One of the key advantages of design thinking is that it helps companies to create products and services that are more user-friendly and intuitive. By focusing on the needs of the user, design thinking allows companies to create technology that is more accessible and easier to use for a wide range of people.

Design thinking is a powerful tool for companies creating technology as it helps them to create products and services that are user-centered, innovative and accessible. It also fosters collaboration, communication and helps companies to think differently.

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Why design thinking
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