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Our tailored consultancy service provides the assistance of an on-demand senior technical leader, that handles the technology-driven challenges of a project and manages the engineering team. CTOaaS delivers immediate value, drives your project forward, eliminates operational risks and fosters reusability across the company's strategic roadmap.

CTOaaS Model

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BGO Software engages top-notch technology leaders to guarantee the success of your project, manage the team that builds the right IT solution for your needs and enable you to deliver a healthier future. Our CTO as a Service model delivers the value of an in-house CTO when you need it. We help you keep pace with the change, validate your ideas, ensure compliance and interoperability and provide insight and analyse the technological trends that can affect the success of your project.

  • Building

    a Clear IT Roadmap

  • Architecting

    New-age Solutions

  • Selecting the Proper Technology

    for Your Project

  • Develop the Right

    Infrastructure and Cloud Strategy

  • Design and Optimize

    the Workflow

  • Build Efficient IT Teams

    and Mentoring Them

  • Fill

    Technical Gaps

  • Deploy IT Projects

    at Scale

  • Solve complex

    Technical Issues

Engagement Models

  • Full-time CTO services

    Provide dedicated resources and expertise in helping your organization address technological issues. Having a full-time CTO consulting services provider onboard ensures that technical issues, plans, and technological processes are discussed and managed proactively in real-time.
  • Fractional CTO services

    Are focused on specific areas of technological issues or processes, and share responsibilities with the in-house experts in addressing these. Startups and SMEs find Fractional CTO services providers more helpful in ensuring timely and effective development and troubleshooting issues and processes.
  • Part-time CTO services

    Can be construed as a hybrid of full-time and fractional CTO services; part-time CTO services cover all the responsibilities but only for part of the time. Employing part-time CTO services enable you to acquire the skills and services needed to address technical issues and processes for only certain necessary timeframes, without the burden of thinking how to sustain such service all the time.
  • Interim CTO Services

    Are employed by organizations during transitional periods in between hiring a new CTO to replace your old CTO. Providers of such services ensure that your technological processes and issues are still handled during this period and also help with your hiring strategy for a new CTO.

Key Business Outcomes

CTO leadership is critical for every project, as healthcare service providers evolve and are challenged with ever-changing technology environments. The continuous input from an industry-experienced senior technical consultant will drive your projects forward and create unprecedented value through innovation and digitisation for your customers.

  • Eliminated complexity

    Overcome complexity with a simple, yet powerful trial management system which provides full oversight of trials to keep studies aligned and on time.

  • Faster studies

    Reduce study timeline with an easy to use new-age software that streamlines study management and automates the workflow across the trial lifecycle.

  • Instant start

    Instant implementation of the CTMs with BGO Software’s platform-driven solution designed to accelerate your clinical trials.

  • Decreased time-to-market

    Decreased time-to-market for your products, due to the use of a versatile clinical trial system, which contributes to your study success.

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