CTO as a Service for your digital health project

On-demand senior technical leader for your project, to support you in handling the technology-driven challenges

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Industry knowledge and technological expertise

Our tailored consultancy service provides the assistance of an on-demand senior technical leader, that handles the technology-driven challenges of a project and manages the engineering team. CTOaaS delivers immediate value, drives your project forward, eliminates operational risks and fosters reusability across the company's strategic roadmap.

CTO as a Service Business

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The business, the IT and the IT Services provider working together to overcome technical challenges

BGO Software engages top-notch technology leaders to guarantee the success of your project, manage the team that builds the right IT solution for your needs and enable you to deliver a healthier future. Our CTO as a Service model delivers the value of an in-house CTO when you need it. We help you keep pace with the change, validate your ideas, ensure compliance and interoperability and provide insight and analyse the technological trends that can affect the success of your project.

  • Building a Clear IT Roadmap

  • Architecting New-age Solutions

  • Selecting the Proper Technology for Your Project

  • Develop the Right Infrastructure and Cloud Strategy

  • Design and Optimize the Workflow

  • Build Efficient IT Teams and Mentoring Them

  • Fill Technical Gaps

  • Deploy IT Projects at Scale

  • Solve complex Technical Issues

Team and Project

  • Resourcing

    Identify and secure the adequate resources required to deliver a project or a task.

  • Team Management

    Handle the entire people management and related challenges.

  • Code Quality

    Conitnuous quality manangement and reporting for optimal results.

  • Drive the project forward

    Research, ideas generation, competitor analysis.

  • Internal know-how

    Manage and secure documentation and project know-how.

  • Client Relationship Management

    Crossing point between teams eliminate friction between teams.


  • Architecture Design

    Development and implementation of project architecture and infrastructure

  • Technical feedback

    Provide immediate feedback on business concepts and translating them into IT requirements

  • Roadmap management

    Assisting our clients with the management and prioritisation of their software projects roadmap

  • Reusability

    Encourage reusability across the whole customer projects roadmap

  • Prototyping and testing

    working closely with Business Analysts and UI Designers, to rapidly prototype and test new functionalities and collect feedback

  • Continuous Research

    Research and reporting on industry relevant technology, innovation and trends

  • End user analysis

    Understand the business needs of the end user and translate them into technical requirements

Engagement Models

  • One-off Consultancy

    Wondering between technologies or need immediate consultancy for a time-sensitive case? Book a one-off consultancy with a CTO on demand. Get help from a person with proven expertise in your industry. The help you need at the time you need it! React timely to urgent issues and overcome easily technical challenges.

  • Silver CTOaaS Package

    1 day per week

    Suitable for smaller projects and companies, this model of work combines the benefits of hiring a skilful CTO while still keeping costs under control. Focus on a specific project or area of technology and build a plan on how to improve the development, meet deadlines or eliminate technical bottlenecks.

  • Gold CTOaaS Package

    3 days per week

    Get a skilful technical leader with experience in the industry to help you architect new solutions and solve complex technical challenges. Engage with your CTO on a regular basis to manage the development sprints, implement new technologies, coordinate between teams and projects. Decrease the time-to-market of your new solutions and accelerate development.

  • Full-time CTOaaS

    Having a full-time CTO as part of your team ensures smooth implementation of technical innovations and constant digital progress. Get a full-time CTOaaS dedicated entirely to your company and projects. Make a long-term development roadmap and have a reliable expert to manage technical teams and processes.

Key Business Outcomes

CTO leadership is critical for every project, as healthcare service providers evolve and are challenged with ever-changing technology environments. The continuous input from an industry-experienced senior technical consultant will drive your projects forward and create unprecedented value through innovation and digitisation for your customers.

  • Ensure the fast development and delivery of IT solutions

  • Design the architecture, requirements and consider the technologies for projects

  • Ensure quality of the software and modernise existing systems

  • Guarantee the right IT capacity is in place to drive digitisation forward

  • Meet budget and timeframe expectations

  • Ensure strong differentiator to competitors

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