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to create impactful efficiencies.

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cto as a service

The Wins your Digital
Healthcare Strategy Needs

digital healthcare strategy needs

Seek a technical leader with profound insight into the nuances of healthcare technology.

One who orchestrates and navigates teams, roadmaps, and strategic implementation with precision, all while upholding quality, compliance, and efficiency.

With us, you don’t just stay ahead of the curve; you shape it. Intrigued? Discover how we can transform your vision into reality.

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Your Search for the Right Senior
Technical Leader Ends Here

Discover why leading healthcare SMEs and corporations trust our CTO as a Service to excel in their technological and business

  • pattern Deep eHealth expertise icon

    Deep eHealth expertise

    Leverage industry experts with the skills and talent pool you need to make your initiatives a success.

  • Project ownership icon

    Project ownership

    A single point of contact steering the tech, product, procedures, and entire software development process.

  • Technology leadership icon

    Technology leadership

    Eliminate operational and tech risks from prototype to deployment, testing, integration, and support.

  • Strategy & architecture icon

    Strategy & architecture

    Align the optimal tech stack with SDS, ensuring solutions that are integrated, scalable, and iron-clad secure.

  • Manage & scale IT teams icon

    Manage & scale IT teams

    Assess, onboard, and lead scalable teams for efficient execution, cost optimization, and timely delivery.

  • Ignite innovation icon

    Ignite innovation

    Stay ahead of the curve by embracing innovation, seeing the big picture, and delivering value at every step.

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Turn our technology leadership into your
project’s advantage
. Guaranteed.

Startup or established, we ensure your project’s success with an 84% NPS and a 100% service delivery guarantee. Trust our expertise for your success.

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CTO as a Service Tailored
Consultancy: Our Approach

A dedicated high-value resource with the skills and expertise you need to overcome tech hurdles, ignite growth potential, and ensure meticulous technical precision—no matter the project phase or complexity.


Unlocking Tech & Digitalisation

We enable healthcare companies to unleash their digitalisation capacity, scrutinising your viability, compliance, and security strategy, and identifying immediate and future wins. We then define the most suitable tech stacks, tailoring them to your vision and objectives for success.


Aligning Technology With

We ensure that validated tech concepts and functions harmoniously integrate with your business teams and operations. By bridging that gap, we pave the way for successful implementation.


Seamless Implementation &

From project inception to seamless execution, we guide every step. Integrating new technologies with existing systems, we minimize disruption and risk. We mentor teams, ensuring projects are delivered on point, on time, and within budget.

Ready to Amplify Your
Technological Edge?

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Who Can Benefit From Our
CTO As a Service?

Our healthcare software

A service designed to catalyse growth and innovation in the
Healthcare sector

Healthcare SMEs on the growth trajectory will find our service invaluable. We provide the expertise they need, simplify tech challenges, and accelerate their digital transformation.

Healthcare tech startups seeking to disrupt the market get a running start with us. We aid in designing resilient, scalable, and compliant tech infrastructures.

Healthcare companies in a fast-paced growth phase benefit from our service. We ensure tech scalability, manage IT teams, and help maintain focus on core competencies.

Healthcare businesses emphasizing compliance, security, reporting and streamlined operations find ally in us. We offer deep eHealth expertise, enhancing service delivery and patient experience.

Corporations seeking to innovate and modernise their healthcare solutions, quick expertise, or capability. We drive tech overhaul, optimising efficiencies and sharpening their competitive edge.

CTOaaS Deliverables at a Glance

  • Ideation & concept validation icon

    Ideation & concept validation

    Taking end-user needs in mind and creating value for them.
    Then translating these into integrated technologies for optimal results.

  • Industry knowledge icon

    Industry knowledge

    Industry-specific knowledge in healthcare compliance, operations and complete scaling strategy. Bringing impactful efficiencies.

  • Project ownership icon

    Project ownership

    Leadership assistance, assembling and efficiently driving teams and projects forward to enable clients to focus on the big picture.

  • Reusability icon


    Identify and report opportunities to reuse components within the projects and across the entire projects’ roadmap.

  • Project risk management icon

    Project risk management

    Identify potential challenges and possible solutions, communicating them with decision makers and creating cost-efficiencies.

  • Metrics & accountability icon

    Metrics & accountability

    We set clear, measurable metrics to track performance, inform adjustments, and ensure consistent value delivery at every step.


CTOaaS Engagement Models:
All Deliverables


Time spent on your project:
2 - 8 days/month
  • Advisory services on the software development process
  • Assistance with the evaluation and selection of software tools, tech solutions and platforms
  • Attendance of meetings as a technical representative as part of team
  • Tech stack evaluation and choice
  • Systems architecture advice / decisions (including proposals and documentation)
  • Help with estimates and work effort evaluation
  • Code quality guardianship
  • Assistance with the decisions on team size, structure, positions, and all other staffing requirements
  • Assistance with interviewing new technical employees and future team members
  • Act as a point of contact between the customer and third-party technical contractors (including mediation and issue resolution)


Time spent on your project:
18 days/month
  • Help with good system security practices
  • Implementation and process improvement: examples: CI/CD, support levels, project management methodology
  • Collaboration with the Product Owner on the product roadmap scope, schedule, and priorities
  • System uptime management audit
  • Team skills evaluation
  • Team performance and corrective actions
  • Assistance with project/team budgeting and financial planning
  • Release management - release/deadline management
  • Penetration testing


Time spent on your project:
25 days/month
  • Security Strategy
  • Digitalization and technology strategy
  • Industry-specific knowledge and advisory services (industry consultant)
  • Application business flow audit — UX improvements, business features
  • Development of product technology and business knowledge retention strategy (training, knowledge base, others)
  • Marketing activities:
    • - end customer analysis
    • - competitor analysis
    • - latest technology trends
    • - A/B testing
    • - market analysis
  • Team coaching and individual members’ personal development (from technical skills to soft skills management)

Not sure where to start? Let us help.

Let our experts analyse your business and recommend the highest-impact solutions for your project. We guarantee 100% service delivery success.

*Book a complimentary
Ready to lead the pack? Explore our Full discovery session.

CTO as a Service Use Cases

Whatever your needs are, we’re ready to turn our technical leadership into your project’s advantages.

  • Scaling Up

    A startup that's quickly growing and needs to scale its technology infrastructure but doesn't have the in-house expertise.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    Two companies merging and looking to integrate their IT systems smoothly.

  • Pivot in Business Model

    Companies transitioning from a traditional business model to a more digital-centric one.

  • Entering New Markets

    Expanding into a new geographical area or demographic and needing technological expertise specific to that market.

  • Tech Stack Transition

    Moving from one tech stack to another and needing expertise in both the old and new systems.

  • Digital Transformation

    Traditional companies looking to digitize their operations and move to cloud-based systems.

  • Cybersecurity Overhaul

    After a major security breach, needing expertise to overhaul and secure the IT infrastructure.

  • E-commerce Expansion

    Brick-and-mortar retailers wanting to start or expand their online presence.

  • Data Regulation Compliance

    Navigating GDPR, CCPA, or other data protection regulations for the first time.

  • Software Development

    Companies wanting to develop proprietary software but lacking the in-house skills.

  • Short-term Projects

    Needing technological leadership for a specific project without long-term commitment.

  • Operational Efficiency

    Companies wanting to automate manual processes to reduce overheads.

  • Remote Work Setup

    Transitioning to a full remote work model and needing technology and security systems in place.

  • SaaS Implementation

    Transitioning from traditional software to Software as a Service models.

  • Business Continuity Planning

    Preparing for potential disruptions (like natural disasters) and ensuring the tech infrastructure can support remote or disrupted operations.

  • ERP Implementation

    Companies looking to implement or change their Enterprise Resource Planning systems.

  • Innovation Drive

    Traditional companies wanting to foster a culture of innovation and need technological tools and frameworks to support this.

  • Cloud Transition

    Moving data and operations from on-premises servers to cloud-based solutions.

  • Training & Development

    Existing IT teams needing upskilling in newer technologies or methodologies.

  • Due Diligence

    Investors or companies looking to acquire another business and needing tech due diligence.

  • IT Budgeting and ROI

    Companies wanting to derive maximum ROI from their IT investments and needing expert input on budget allocation.

  • Legacy System Modernization

    Companies with outdated IT systems wanting to modernize without a complete overhaul.

  • Tech Vendor Selection

    Needing expertise to choose the right tech vendors or third-party solutions for specific business needs.

  • AI & Machine Learning

    Wanting to incorporate AI and machine learning but lacking the necessary expertise.

  • Post-COVID Strategy

    Adjusting tech strategies to accommodate the "new normal" post-pandemic.

  • IoT Integration

    Companies looking to integrate Internet of Things (IoT) devices into their products or services.

  • Mobile Strategy

    Businesses wanting to develop or expand their mobile app oerings.

  • Business Intelligence

    Implementing data analytics, dashboards, and business intelligence solutions for better decision-making.

  • Blockchain Integration

    Exploring the possibilities of blockchain for industries outside of fintech.

  • Augmented & Virtual Reality

    Companies in industries like real estate, gaming, or training wanting to incorporate AR and VR experiences.

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Discover how our CTO as a Service can help you:

  • right tech stack

    Define the right tech stack

  • winning roadmap

    Implement a winning roadmap

  • Overcome technology challenges

    Overcome technology challenges

  • Manage & Scale

    Manage & Scale engineering teams

  • Eliminate operational risks

    Eliminate operational risks

  • Stay ahead

    Stay ahead of the curve


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BGO is trusted by top healthcare startups, Fortune 100 companies
and governments
for their digital health solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chief Technology Officer as a service is a revolutionary new way to get your company’s technology and business needs handled. It is a tailored digital consultancy service providing in-depth advisory from a senior technical leader that handles the technology-driven challenges of a project and manages the engineering team.

A service that allows you to outsource your digital needs without sacrificing quality or efficiency. We’re not just taking care of your infrastructure and making sure it runs smoothly; we’re also helping you develop new technologies and ideas, give your project the required head start, eliminate operational risks, and foster reusability across the company’s strategic roadmap.

While CTOaaS is a digital advisory service already offered by several service technology companies, BGO Software is proud to be among the first to offer it in healthcare. As we are a healthcare software development company only, we have the experience and knowledge to guide your strategy and provide you with industry-experienced leaders.

The chief technology officer is a unique position in the world of healthcare. When digital solutions and healthcare meet, it’s not only about technology anymore. CTOaaS in healthcare provides your projects with the not only product and software delivery, but also a good dose of engineering and architecture mixed with a thorough understanding of the processes that run in healthcare organizations such as pharmaceutical and CRO companies, hospitals, technology startups, and so on.

The healthcare industry is highly regulated, and getting into it can take years. Within this lies the service's uniqueness: experienced technology leaders who understand how to deal with this complaint field, providing the roadmap and digital readiness that your business requires and an understanding of its core to ensure the company is adhering to industry standards.

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