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CTO as a service is the ultimate luxury for companies
at the forefront of technology and innovation in healthcare.

What is CTOaaS?

What is CTOaaS?

Chief Technology Officer as a service is a revolutionary new way to get your company’s technology and business needs handled. It is a tailored digital consultancy service providing in-depth advisory from a senior technical leader that handles the technology-driven challenges of a project and manages the engineering team.

A service that allows you to outsource your digital needs without sacrificing quality or efficiency. We’re not just taking care of your infrastructure and making sure it runs smoothly; we’re also helping you develop new technologies and ideas, give your project the required head start, eliminate operational risks, and foster reusability across the company’s strategic roadmap.

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Quick wins for your digital

Quick wins for your digital strategy

The first thing you’ll get with CTOaaS is the confidence that comes from knowing your company is backed by industry experts and leaders in technology. You’ll also get access to their knowledge, which will help you make better decisions about your technology strategy and implementation. This means that you’ll stay ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation in healthcare. And last but not least, you’ll get someone who can act as an advocate for your company within the realm of technology - someone who understands how every aspect of your business works together and can represent your needs accordingly.

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What does CTO mean in technology?

A CTO is an executive-level position in a company that oversees the development of technology and its use in the business. The CTO is often responsible for hiring and managing technical teams, creating new products, and ensuring that the current technology infrastructure can support future growth. The chief technical officer generally is in charge of things like product development and architecture, research and development, system architecture, technical support, and maintenance as well as managing the software development staff that does this work.

A CTO is not the same as a software engineer or project manager - he or she should have experience in all three of those areas. A CTO understands what it takes to run a successful technology business, which means they also have strong leadership skills and an understanding of how to get things done efficiently while maintaining quality standards.

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What is unique about CTOaaS in healthcare?

While CTOaaS is a digital advisory service already offered by several service technology companies, BGO Software is proud to be among the first to offer it in healthcare. As we are a healthcare software development company only, we have the experience and knowledge to guide your strategy and provide you with industry-experienced leaders.

The chief technology officer is a unique position in the world of healthcare. When digital solutions and healthcare meet, it’s not only about technology anymore. CTOaaS in healthcare provides your projects with the not only product and software delivery, but also a good dose of engineering and architecture mixed with a thorough understanding of the processes that run in healthcare organizations such as pharmaceutical and CRO companies, hospitals, technology startups, and so on.

The healthcare industry is highly regulated, and getting into it can take years. Within this lies the service's uniqueness: experienced technology leaders who understand how to deal with this complaint field, providing the roadmap and digital readiness that your business requires and an understanding of its core to ensure the company is adhering to industry standards.

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What types of companies
should use CTOaaS?


Chief Technology Officer as a Service is an on-demand service that allows you to get the same level of technology and business deep expertise as you would from a full-time internal CTO without having to hire one. It also provides clients with access to the expertise of a wide range of IT professionals who are not necessarily part of the existing internal team, which is extremely valuable in the decision-making process - for example, product owners who can benefit greatly from the on-demand support of a senior technical leader. Therefore, It is an ideal service for SMEs, health-tech startups, and medium-sized enterprises that lack such experts but want to optimize their product development process and deliver value to patients every day by having external CTO service.

It is a Project CTOaaS in

No matter that large companies usually have an experienced CTO, technical capabilities and leaders that deliver their strategy, a particular project or stream can benefit from more attention from such a professional that isn’t available at the moment. Project CTO as a service provides corporations with quick access to tech expertise and single point of contact for their project and/or development process.

The experts build trust in the IT team while also selecting a broad range of proper technologies, creating training roadmaps that capture the company’s digitalization needs, digital transformation if in place and scouting third-party solutions to achieve optimal results in the digitalization journey.

CTOaaS deliverables at a glance

  • Ideation & concept validation

    Generating and communicating ideas and concepts that create more value for end users.

  • Industry knowledge

    Industry-specific knowledge in healthcare and advisory services for complete scaling strategy

  • Project ownership

    Leadership assistance, driving projects forward and professional team management to enable clients to focus on the big picture.

  • Reusability

    Identify and report opportunities to reuse components within the projects and across the entire projects’ roadmap.

  • Project risk management

    identify potential challenges and possible solutions and communicate them with decision makers.

  • Technology selection

    Selection of proper technologies and third-party solutions to achieve optimal results.

  • End user analysis

    Understand end-user needs and translate them into technical requirements.

CTOaaS engagement models:
all deliverables


Time spent on your project:
2 - 8 days/month
  • Advisory services on the software development process
  • Assistance with the evaluation and selection of software tools, tech solutions and platforms
  • Attendance of meetings as a technical representative as part of team
  • Tech stack evaluation and choice
  • Systems architecture advice / decisions (including proposals and documentation)
  • Help with estimates and work effort evaluation
  • Code quality guardianship
  • Assistance with the decisions on team size, structure, positions, and all other staffing requirements
  • Assistance with interviewing new technical employees and future team members
  • Act as a point of contact between the customer and third-party technical contractors (including mediation and issue resolution)
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Time spent on your project:
18 days/month
  • Help with good system security practices
  • Implementation and process improvement: examples: CI/CD, support levels, project management methodology
  • Collaboration with the Product Owner on the product roadmap scope, schedule, and priorities
  • System uptime management audit
  • Team skills evaluation
  • Team performance and corrective actions
  • Assistance with project/team budgeting and financial planning
  • Release management - release/deadline management
  • Penetration testing
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Time spent on your project:
25 days/month
  • Security Strategy
  • Digitalization and technology strategy
  • Industry-specific knowledge and advisory services (industry consultant)
  • Application business flow audit — UX improvements, business features
  • Development of product technology and business knowledge retention strategy (training, knowledge base, others)
  • Marketing activities:
    • - end customer analysis
    • - competitor analysis
    • - latest technology trends
    • - A/B testing
    • - market analysis
  • Team coaching and individual members’ personal development (from technical skills to soft skills management)
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