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Clinical Trials Management

Management of your clinical trials and accelerate drug development

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Clinicubes CTMS Dashboard

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Managing clinical trials, no matter their size is a complex task and requires efficient trial management. Trials fail because of poor planning, bad tracking, and not been properly documented.

To improve the successful, timely delivery of important clinical trials for patient benefit, it is time to implement an innovative trial management system, which helps you track every single aspect of the trial and implement robust processes and methods of evaluation.

  • In-depth

    Clinical Trials Monitoring
  • Transparent

    Costs Tracking
  • Reporting

    and Metrics
  • Simplified

    and Streamlined Operations

Embrace the Power of
Advanced Customisable
CTMS Platform

BGO Software has developed a web-based clinical trial management system, which is 100% customisable to your organization’s needs while complying with regulatory Requirements. Clinicubes CTMS can be quickly adapted to facilitate your firm’s schedules, procedures and workflows and it serves as the perfect hybrid between ready-made ("off the shelf software") and a custom software solution.

The clinical trial management platform has three built-in modes plus a wide range of features and modules, which can be bundled and customized according to your needs.

  • Instant Preview of Timetables,
    Financial Information and Objectives

  • Management of Procedures, Activities
    and Budget

  • Site Management and Regulatory
    Process Tracking

  • Subjects Database and Study
    Enrolment Tracking

  • Physician's and Health Service
    Institutions Database Systemization

  • Collection and Analysis of The Studies
    from Different Locations

  • Dashboarding and Reports

  • Easy Collection and Tracking
    of Various Documents

  • Integration with Popular Clinical
    Research Applications

  • Migration and Import of Data
    Collected with Legacy Tools

Clinicubes CTMS Studies

CTMS Modules

Clinicubes provides a wide range of pre-built modules, which can be combined and customised to match
the needs and specifics of your clinical trial. Enjoy the power of advanced technology solution, to speed
up the study and keep all activities under control.

  • Contacts
  • Dashboard
  • Research Centers
  • Sponsors
  • Calendar
  • Forecasting
  • Notifications
  • Data Export
  • Sites
  • Studies
  • Subjects
  • Equipment

Key Benefits

  • Eliminated complexity

    Overcome complexity with a simple, yet powerful trial management system which provides full oversight of trials to keep studies aligned and on time.

  • Faster studies

    Reduce study timeline with an easy to use new-age software that streamlines study management and automates the workflow across the trial lifecycle.

  • Instant start

    Instant implementation of the CTMs with BGO Software’s platform-driven solution designed to accelerate your clinical trials.

  • Decreased time-to-market

    Decreased time-to-market for your products, due to the use of a versatile clinical trial system, which contributes to your study success.

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