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  • We make health digital

    As a strategic IT partner, we empower our customers to deliver their digital health products and solutions through our premium services.

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Our Mission

We believe the future of healthcare is digital. We’re shaping it by bridging the gap between technology, compliance, and efficiency — to fuel industry innovation and excellence.

Our Team

No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team.-Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn co-founder

Ivailo Ivanov and Ivan Lekushev

Our Founders

  • Ivan Lekushev

    Ivan Lekushev

    Chief Executive Officer

    Ivan is the business leader of the company, the man with the vision, the motivator, the dreamer.

    His professional experience in sales, marketing and corporate strategy is the foundation on which BGO developed and matured as an international IT brand. Being the face of the company, Ivan often is the person that manages relationships with clients and partners. Motivated by setting high goals and achievements, Ivan has a gift to see possibilities when many are unable to
    do so.

  • Ivailo Ivanov

    Ivailo Ivanov

    Chief Technology Officer

    With 22 years of experience in the IT industry, 15 of which within the
    digital health space, Ivo is one of those inspiring people, that truly believe, that technology can change the world for the better.

    He is a knowledgeable leader and and a true engineering artist, that has a natural talent to help IT professionals reveal their full potential. Ivo is the architect of BGO Software’s products, software development methodologies and good practices, that we employ to deliver premium IT services.


Tech Leadership

  • Harry Birimirski

    Harry Birimirski

    Solutions Architect
    • 15 in software development, including work with leading pharmaceutical companies
    • GMP Validated Systems Champion
    • 10 years of experience in GxP processes
  • Nikolay Stefanov

    Nikolay Stefanov

    R&D Manager
    • 18 years of development experience
    • Leading AI and eHealth division
    • Leading the Open Source department
  • Kalina Balabanova

    Kalina Balabanova

    Product Development Lead
    • 7+ years of development experience
    • Leading the product division /Clinical Trials Management System & Metaforms/
    • Complex team player skilled in Business Analysis, Project Management, Product Development & People Leadership
  • Atanas Simeonov

    Atanas Simeonov

    Business technology solution manager
    • 16+ years of development experience
    • Technical consulting and analyzing clients needs
    • Building tech teams
  • Ivan Angov

    Ivan Angov

    Senior Systems Administrator
    • 11 years of System administration experience
    • 8+ years at BGO Software
    • CEO & Co-Founder of BGO Cloud
    • Highly involved in setting up and maintaining projects environment, system architecture, DevOps
  • Viktor Pavlov

    Viktor Pavlov

    QA Manager
    • 5+ years of experience in Quality assurance
    • Expertise in validated systems, validated processes and procedures
    • Leading role in one of the biggest pharma manufacturing clients
  • Nikolay Dimitrov

    Nikolay Dimitrov

    Technical Lead
    • 7+ years of development experience
    • 6 years at BGO Software
    • 4+ years Leader of one of the streams for pharma manufacturing client
  • Elena Zaharieva

    Elena Zaharieva

    BA Lead
    • 12 years of experience as technical writer and business analyst
    • Leading the business analyst team
    • Main BA for one of the biggest pharma manufacturing clients
  • Diana Ilinova

    Diana Ilinova

    PM Lead
    • 10+ years of project management experience
    • Involved in one of the biggest projects for clinical trials management, forecasting and patient recruitment
    • Leading the PM team

Our Values

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Our Story

The story of BGO Software is a story of passion and a vision.

In 2008, BGO Software was founded as a boutique IT company with the goal of becoming one of the leading IT companies in its field within three years, delivering premium services to clients from around the globe across several verticals. And we did it!

We managed to be a trustful partner of the Department of Health in the UK, two of the top 3 largest pharma companies, CROs, and numerous HealthTech SMEs which gave us the opportunity to build expertise and deep industry knowledge. This gave us FOCUS.

We already knew that we want to help people through technology, and we also knew that the best way to do that was by being in the healthcare industry—but not just any part of it. We wanted to be at the forefront of digital health and be side by side with innovators who are changing the world today.

After more than 13 years working within healthcare and deep industry knowledge, we set our main direction: becoming a digital health lab focused on saving and improving lives today through technology.

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  • flag icon 2008

    BGO Software is being established

  • automobilesreview icon 2009

    Launch of BGO Media Network

  • automobilesreview icon 2011

    BGO Software Outsourcing

  • crown icon 2013

    BGO Software becomes official supplier to the HRA,
    Department of Health UK

  • ctms icon 2016

    BGO Launches its first product for CROs and SMOs - CliniCubes CTMS

  • roche icon 2016

    BGO Software becomes GMP specialised IT services vendor for Hoffmann-La Roche

  • metaforms icon 2018

    BGO launches its second product, the Electronic Data Capture
    platform - MetaForms

  • healthcare icon 2020

    BGO begins its transformation to a provider of services with
    100% focus on healthcare

  • bgo software icon 2020

    BGO Software is the digital health lab that saves lives today

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Company in Numbers

What Our Clients Say

Global Delivery

BGO Software is truly a global provider of software engineering and consulting services, specialising strictly in healthcare.

Recognition & Strategic Partnerships

HL7 logo

We are now a gold member of the Health Level Seven International (HL7) organization

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NHS logo

We are an official supplier for the Health Research Authority (Department of Health, UK)

Progress logo

Our company has earned the status of a
Progress Premier Service Delivery Partner

ISO certifications
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Did you know that BGO Software is one of the only companies strictly specialising in digital health IT talent and tech leadership?

Our team has over 15 years of experience helping health startups, Fortune 100 enterprises, and governments deliver leading healthcare tech solutions.

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It’s a free, no-obligation, fact-finding opportunity. You’ll have a friendly chat with our team, ask any questions, and see how we could help in detail.