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At BGO Software, we are creating a movement in the IT industry so that more people choose the professional path toward saving and improving lives through technology. We are the Bulgarian digital health company.

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Miroslava Andreeva Vendor Manager at BGO Software

Miroslava Andreeva: Business and Human relations - The Balance and Lessons learned

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Rostislav Kirchev - Senior Front-end Engineer

Rostislav Kirchev: Behind Every Senior Developer is the Power of Mentorship

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Kalina Balabanova

Kalina Balabanova - Leading with Integrity: The Value of Taking Ownership

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Nikolay Stefanov BGO Software

Nikolay Stefanov: From Codesprints to Mountain Sprints

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Elena Zaharieva - Leading with a passion for digital health

Elena Zaharieva: Leading with a passion for digital health

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Yana Savchovska: Career Development in Digital Health

Career Development in Digital Health

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Elena Raeva: Why I Made A Career Change & Rejoined BGO Software

Why I Made A Career Change & Rejoined BGO Software

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Harry Birimirski: From GMP Validated Systems Guru to a Car Race Winner

From GMP Validated Systems Guru to a Car Race Winner

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A career that makes a

Yana Savchovska and Antonio Petkov

Key takeaways from your #BGOCareer

We want to help you grow your career while making a
difference in the world around us.

Our team is made up of ambitious individuals who share our mission: to improve healthcare worldwide by empowering our customers to deliver their digital health products and solutions through our premium services.

We believe that every person has unique skills and talents, which can be used for the benefit of our community and society as a whole. Our aim is to make sure that everyone can reach their full potential.

Careers in digital health require not only technical skills, but also environmental flexibility and a thorough understanding of healthcare. At BGO Software, we are fortunate to have the resources to help you in growing in that area and to meet innovators ranging from governmental bodies to top pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and many more who are reshaping healthcare today.


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Did you know that BGO Software is one of the only companies strictly specialising in digital health IT talent and tech leadership?

Our team has over 15 years of experience helping health startups, Fortune 100 enterprises, and governments deliver leading healthcare tech solutions.

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It’s a free, no-obligation, fact-finding opportunity. You’ll have a friendly chat with our team, ask any questions, and see how we could help in detail.