Elena Zaharieva: Leading with a passion for digital health

19 Jul 2023 3 min read
BGO Software
Elena Zaharieva - Leading with a passion for digital health

Who is Eli Zaharieva and what makes her an indispensable part of the BGO Software team?

Elena is the Team Lead of four business analysts at BGO Software. She`s been involved in one of BGO`s major projects with leading global pharmaceutical companies where her contribution as Business analyst was invaluable. If I have to introduce her in just one word, it would be: Teamplayer. “For a project to be running smoothly, everyone should be on the same page about the work of others and to help each other with ideas and brainstorming,” Eli says. Her ability to motivate others and effectively collaborate makes her an essential asset to the company. “As Business Analyst, I am working with all roles in the team – PMs, developers, QAs as well as the clients and the dynamics of that is what makes Teamplay my favorite value.”

Who is Eli Zaharieva at BGO Software?

Elena: At BGO Software, I am the Team Lead of four BAs, but I am actively involved in several projects as Business Analyst and Technical Writer. Being a leader requires me to be a teacher, mentor, friend, and colleague, making the role more complex and fulfilling than simple task distribution. Moreover, as a specialist, I am learning every day and becoming more and more passionate about digital health.

You have previous teaching experience. How does it help you now?

Elena: Yes, before entering the IT sector, I taught Italian for around 10 years. I had the opportunity to teach students of various age groups, ranging from 4 to 55 years old. This teaching experience has proven invaluable in my current role, because it has sharpened my problem-solving skills, enabling me to quickly recognize when someone is struggling to understand something. Most importantly, it has taught me the virtue of patience, which is a significant part of my leadership responsibilities.

Tell me what is like to be working in the digital health sector?

Elena: Being part of the digital health sector is an exciting journey, both rewarding and fast-paced. l have the opportunity to collaborate with interdisciplinary teams, explore cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and data analytics, and make a significant impact on the future of healthcare. I also have the chance to contribute to innovative solutions and drive positive change in the industry.

Tell us about your journey at BGO Software. You have a short break with the company. Why did you return?

Elena: I have been with BGO Software for seven years now. However, there was a brief period in 2018 when I decided to leave the company, seeking a change and the opportunity to work for a product company, specializing in a specific area. Within two weeks, I realized that focusing solely on one module of a product left me feeling bored and demotivated. Thankfully, fate intervened, as the CTO of BGO Software reached out to me with a freelance opportunity on one of their projects. Without hesitation, I agreed to return as an employee. I can still recall the humorous remark from the HR department, saying, “Eli, don’t quit anymore. You’re just complicating me with all this paperwork” (laughs).

Who are you in your personal life? How would you describe yourself in one word?

Elena: In my personal life, I am an adventurous individual. If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be “Crazy” (laughs). I thrive on adventures and the thrill of making spontaneous decisions. It’s what keeps me alive and adds a unique flavor to life. Traveling and embarking on long road trips across Europe are among my passions.

Isn`t that spontaneous nature of yours somehow interfere with your work?

Elena: Surprisingly, my spontaneous nature is a valuable asset in my work life. While I maintain structure and reliability in my job and responsibilities, my ability to make fast decisions and adapt quickly to changes allows me to handle unforeseen situations without disrupting my routine or focus. It adds a sense of flexibility and agility to my work style.

What is the most valuable thing for you at BGO Software?

Elena: Apart from the flexibility to be working fully remotely and keep a good work-life balance, I am extremely thrilled to be contributing to the digitization of the healthcare sector. This is a huge step for the global society and to be part of this movement is really the added value for my work and my skills.


Author: Yana Savchovska, Technical Recruiter at BGO Software – the digital health lab

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