Product Discovery and Design

Aligning business goals, user needs and available technology

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We employ human-centred Product Design and behavioural science, to develop health solutions that change behaviours, reduce costs and improve outcomes for end-users. BGO Software's deep understanding of the clinical and regulatory landscape ensures that our clients invest in digital health products, that the market needs.

The Product Journey

Aligning business goals, user needs and available technology

Our success is based on continuously studying the needs of our clients. While most of the companies that we work with have to deal with aggressive timelines, managing the risk when working with a services provider is key. Our approach to delivering projects is focused on the capacity to quick-start your project, limiting the risk in the early phase of the business relationship and continuously building trust between BGO and the client.

TIME RISK Support& Updates ProductRelease VersionTesting FinalSprint ……… 1stSprint Estimate& Planning PilotVersion DiscoveryPhase CustomerAnalysis

Our Approach to Product Design

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Prior to starting a new project, BGO Software recommends that project owners, business stakeholders and our Digital Health and IT experts conduct a comprehensive inquiry of the product’s concept.

Proven practices show that Product Discovery phase significantly reduces stakeholders’ and developers’ chances of errors and misunderstandings, by recognizing vital items in the development process before the scope of work is established.

  • Discovery Workshop

    BGO Software conducts a Discovery workshop, the purpose of which is to understand the needs of the users of the new solution, to identify and learn from the existing systems doing part of all of the same things but more effectively and to focus on strategic product and engagement insights that will guide the execution.

  • Data Landscape Analytics

    We understand the data landscape, making recommendations as to how to architect the new solution to comply with best practices, to facilitate greater engagement and customer delight, without overengineering the system.

  • Concept Art Creation

    Creation of initial concepts with all compliance and regulatory considerations included. These designs will be improved iteratively and the key flows will subsequently be developed into a clickable prototype.

  • User Journey and Information Architecture

    We use card sorting and red route analysis to articulate tight, elegant and compelling user journeys in the form of information architecture and screen flow diagrams.

  • Discovery Documentation

    BGO Software provides a detailed discovery process documentation, including creating a high-level development specification, as well as epics and user stories for the key flows if required.

  • Ideas and Optimization

    BGO Software's team contribute ideas and optimisations around the existing product concept and seek to push the boundaries if appropriate.

  • UX Development

    Development of a seamless user experience, based on best practice and research, as well as commercial objectives.

Discovery phase deliverables

Through rapid prototyping, transparent collaboration with our clients, testing and validation of ideas with the end-users, deep knowledge of industry specifics and technological know-how, we develop digital health concepts that respond to exactly what the market needs.

  • Project Initiation Document

    The Project Initiation Document (PID) contains basic, but vital information about the upcoming project, its technology, and the type and number of specialists expected to be able to deliver it.
  • Functional Specification

    The purpose of this document is to describe all the requirements related to the scope and functionalities. It details the relevant performance from a user and business perspective.
  • Wireframes or Prototype

    Wireframes are visual layouts representing the main elements and the projects’ hierarchy. Prototypes offer a high-fidelity representation of your project. It’s like an enriched basic module.
  • Resources and Cost Analysis

    This deliverable relates to price range details. An overall cost proposal will give the Client an idea of how much investment will be required over the timeframe needed to build and test the app.
  • Project Plan

    After we gather the preliminary information, we continue to the project plan. We will provide you with estimated figures, plan for resources needed and development plan.
  • Workshop

    A discovery workshop, targets to understand the needs of the users, to identify and learn from the existing systems and to focus on strategic product and engagement insights that will guide the execution.

Digital Health Advisory and

By foreseeing change and leveraging technology, BGO Software provides digital health advisory and consulting for a large amount of pharma and clinical organizations globally. We help you build long-term strategic roadmaps, ensure business system integration, digital transformation and go-to-market strategies. Our team is next to you across the entire digital health journey - creating your technology strategies, shaping products and implementing custom platforms, shaping your IT team and leveraging the power of augmentations services, building a roadmap for innovation and development.

As a trusted technology partner, BGO Software helps you to set the direction of your digital transformation. Our experienced consultants assist you to identify the new opportunities and find a path forward by developing an innovation and technology roadmap. We ensure your technologies deliver commercial success in rapidly company growth.

Trusted by Global Clinical Research Entities

A mobile application - chronic inflammatory conditions


A mobile application developed by our team for one of our clients and partners - Ampersand Health, that is designed to support people with chronic inflammatory conditions. Healthsuite combines practical tips and tools for patients with variety of chronic conditions and delivers accurate information for complex topics like Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and other forms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, over 200 forms of Arthritis and the most recent My Dermatology app, for skin issues and conditions.

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Many of the clients that we work with rely on our judgment about which technologies should be used for a reliable back-end of the web application in combination with a flexible and appealing front-end.

Our teams of IT professionals are regularly trained and certified, to ensure that our technology stack is always up to date with the latest technology trends and innovations.

  • Back-end MS Technologies

  • Microsoft .Net

  • Microsoft .Net Core

  • Microsoft ASP.Net MVC

  • Microsoft Entity Framework

  • C#

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Blazor

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Microsoft Power BI

  • Open Source Technologies

  • PHP Laravel

  • PHP Symfony

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL

  • MongoDB

  • Python

  • Mobile Hybrid

  • Xamarin

  • Front-end Technologies

  • JavaScript

  • Angular

  • Twitter Bootstrap

  • HTML5

  • Vue.js

  • Mobile Native


  • Objective-C

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