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Human-centred solutions

We employ human-centred Product Design and behavioural science, to develop health solutions that change behaviours, reduce costs and improve outcomes for end-users. BGO Software’s deep understanding of the healthcare landscape ensures that our clients invest in digital health products, that the market needs.

The product journey

Aligning business goals, user needs and available technology

Our success is based on continuously studying the needs of our clients. While most of the companies that we work with have to deal with aggressive timelines, managing the risk when working with a services provider is key. Our approach to delivering projects is focused on the capacity to quick-start your project, limiting the risk in the early phase of the business relationship and continuously building trust between BGO and the client.

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Design-driven approach

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Our approach to product design and development is based on Design Thinking. In the core element of the innovation process, we use prototyping.

Through rapid prototyping, we make ideas quickly tangible. In the following testing and learning phase, they are validated and optimised until they lead to the desired end product. This allows our clients to see and touch the final product before development has even begun.

  • Discovery Workshop

    BGO Software conducts a discovery workshop with all stakeholders to gather insights - understand end-user requirements for the new solution, develop the new idea, learn more about existing systems etc.

  • Data Landscape Analytics

    We understand the data landscape and make recommendations on how the new solution should be designed to achieve greater engagement and customer delight, without over-engineering the system.

  • Prototyping

    We create clickable prototypes to validate the idea/ the concept with real users, helping user experience experts to identify wrong assumptions
    early on and ensuring optimal use of time and financial resources.

  • Optimisation

    Once the clickable prototype has been created, a test phase follows in which all stakeholders can optimise the idea/ the existing concept, taking active part to the shaping of the final product.

  • Documentation

    Lessons are learned from the idea validation and optimisation, conclusions are drawn. The plan, the estimation and all specifications needed for the development of the product are worked out.

  • Development

    Using further agile development methods such as Scrum, we begin with the development of the new product, including a seamless user experience based on the optimised prototype and best practices.

Digital health consultancy

BGO Software is a trusted technology partner of numerous of healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology organisations, helping them identify new potentials, generate and validate ideas, create new concepts, develop digital strategies, achieve interoperability and drive projects forward.

Our industry-experienced technology leaders ensure efficiency, provide premium support in strategic decision-making
processes and will guarantee the overall success of your

Trusted by global clinical
research entities

A mobile application - chronic inflammatory conditions


A mobile application developed by our team for one of our clients and partners - Ampersand Health, that is designed to support people with chronic inflammatory conditions. Healthsuite combines practical tips and tools for patients with variety of chronic conditions and delivers accurate information for complex topics like Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and other forms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, over 200 forms of Arthritis and the most recent My Dermatology app, for skin issues and conditions.

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