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Product Development as a Service (PDaaS)

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Product Development as a Service: Aligning Business Goals,
User Needs, and Innovative Technology with Healthcare
Technology Expertise

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Product Development as a Service (PDaaS) is a model that delivers easily scalable development services to businesses seeking suitable resources for both new product development from scratch and ongoing company projects in healthcare.

PDaaS revolutionizes outsourced product development by supplying companies with a dedicated team of experienced developers who can work on a project from its inception to completion.

This approach provides an efficient way for businesses to access top technology talent without the need to hire and manage an in-house team. In addition to our adaptability, we take pride in our expertise in compliance and healthcare understanding.

This allows us to create customized solutions that not only comply with stringent regulatory standards but also address the unique challenges of the healthcare landscape.

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Flexible Product Development
with PDaaS

To effectively bring a product to life, it’s essential to have a development process that is adaptable and can accommodate changes as needed. This is precisely where PDaaS comes in, providing a flexible and scalable approach to development resources.

It allows businesses to access development resources as and when needed, which means they can scale their development activities up or down depending on their requirements. As a result, PDaaS helps businesses to optimize their resources and achieve greater efficiency in their hassle-free product development processes.

BGO Software’s success is based on continuously studying the business needs of our clients. While most companies we work with have to deal with aggressive timelines, managing the risk when working with a services provider is crucial.

Our approach to delivering projects is focused on the product’s success, limiting the risk in the early phase of the business relationship, and continuously building trust between BGO and the client.

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Design Thinking & Prototyping

Our approach to product development is based on design thinking. In the core element of the innovation process, we use prototyping. Through rapid building prototypes, we aim to identify the ideas that will meet the business outcomes our client wants to achieve.

In the following testing and learning phase, they are validated and optimised until they lead to the desired end product. This allows our clients to see and touch the final product before development has ever begun.

From ideation to user adoption, here is the product development lifecycle that offers development agility and employs key talent resources to meet business objectives:

  • Understand

    As a first step, BGO Software conducts desk research and interviews with team members, the client, and decision-makers to gather insights. A workshop with the client is organized to define the problem in detail.

  • Discover

    Next, we do user research to explore desirability. Defining the development resource and the user journey is also important to prioritize pain points and to map the “as-is” state. An ideation workshop and ideas validation are part of this stage, too.

  • Prototype & Pilot

    We create clickable prototypes and validate them with real users, helping user experience experts to identify wrong assumptions, reduce competency and prioritization conflicts early on, and ensure optimal use of time and financial resources.

  • Test & Improve

    Once the clickable prototype is created, a test phase follows in which all stakeholders can optimise the idea/ the existing concept, taking an active part in shaping the final product.

  • Estimation & Planning

    Lessons are learned from the idea validation and optimisation, and conclusions are drawn. The plan, the estimation, and all the specifications needed for the product development process are worked out.

  • Development

    By using agile development methods such as Scrum, we begin with timely product development, including a seamless user experience based on the optimised prototype and best practices.

Benefits of PDaaS

From Ideation to Deployment and User Adoption

Although traditional methods of product development may not always be unsuccessful, it is the development team's methods and the discrepancy between the product development processes and the company's expectations that lead to failures.

PDaaS serves as a solution for the disconnect between product development and a company's current product demands by implementing a systematic approach that yields measurable outcomes in the future. It simplifies and optimizes the transformation of product ideas into fully developed, deployed, and adopted products.

Easily scalable and agile solution

Outsourcing product development to vendors requires tightly-scoped contracts, which limits development agility, hinders growth, and might even lead to product failure. Vice versa, PDaaS is an easily scalable development solution that employs top-quality, highly skilled, and experienced product development resources and implements the best software development practices.

This way, PDaaS ensures the delivery of products outperforms current product development solutions.

Range of resources for your product development project

PDaaS requires a workforce with varied skill sets to handle the various tasks involved in the product development process. IT directors and senior leaders can benefit from PDaaS as it can ease their burden of managing the entire product development process in-house.

Partnering with a reputable and experienced PDaaS provider can enable companies to benefit from the enterprise product development experience of a team that includes product managers, project managers, business analysts, application developers, system engineers, quality assurance analysts, security analysts, etc.

By leveraging the individual and collaborative capabilities of this effective product development team, companies can create a competency that delivers high efficiency, quality, and sustainability levels. In addition, using the latest languages, tools, and technologies helps the right development team to enhance the product's features and functionalities, thus maintaining its competitiveness.

BGO Software is a PDaaS partner, providing a comprehensive service delivery offering to numerous healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology organizations. With over a decade of experience, we help these organizations identify new horizons, generate and validate ideas, create new concepts, develop digital strategies, achieve interoperability, and drive projects forward.

By leveraging appropriately skilled development resources and creating competency, BGO Software helps its partners meet user needs and achieve their goals.

Our industry-experienced technology leaders ensure efficiency, provide premium support in strategic decision-making processes, and will guarantee the overall success of your projects.

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