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Transforming Healthcare with
Product Development as a Service

Discover our unique approach to align your vision, business goals, and
user needs with innovative technology
and our expertise–to forge
leading health products and solutions.

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PDaaS — a Unique, Flexible
Approach to Product Development

Our Product Development as a Service (PDaaS) redefines outsourced product development, seamlessly combining agility, compliance, and efficiency. This approach grants businesses access to top-tier healthcare development expertise, enabling flexible scaling of resources and effective risk management.

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  • Agile and Scalable icon

    Agile and Scalable

    Scale development up or down effortlessly, without regular hiring and training.

  • Expertise in Healthcare & Compliance icon

    Expertise in Healthcare
    & Compliance

    Address the unique challenges in healthcare while complying with stringent industry standards.

  • Proactive Risk Management icon

    Proactive Risk Management

    Our approach minimises risk, safeguarding your project’s success from inception to delivery.

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Four Core Applications of PDaaS

Customised solutions for diverse development needs.

  • mask ground up innovation icon

    Ground-Up Innovation

    Develop innovative healthcare solutions from scratch, tailored to meet emerging market needs and user expectations.

  • giterative enhancement icon

    Iterative Enhancement

    Update and enhance existing products with the latest technology to improve performance and user experience.

  • legacy modernisation icon

    Legacy Modernisation

    Transforming outdated systems into modern, efficient and compliant healthcare solutions, maintaining their core value while upgrading their capabilities.

  • legacy modernisation icon

    Digital Transformation

    End-to-end overhaul of healthcare
    , integrating advanced digital capabilities to streamline processes and improve patient outcomes.

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Develop the Future of Healthcare with Compliance in Mind

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Have a project in mind? Let us help.

Let our experts analyse your business and recommend the highest-impact
solutions for your project
. We guarantee 100% service delivery success.

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  • 70 clients & partners
  • 84 net promoter score

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Full Discovery: The Proven
Best Way to Kick-off PDaaS

Our PDaaS approach is based on design thinking. It visualizes your final product before development even begins, and ensures its strategic validation, guiding you to build exactly what’s needed.

  • workshop icon


    We start with comprehensive desk research and interviews with team members, the client, and decision-makers to understand objectives and insights. Then, we conduct a workshop to define the problem in detail.

  • predictive analysis icon

    User Journey Mapping

    Next, we do user and desirability research and an ideation and ideas validation workshops. To defining the dev resources and the user journey, prioritise pain points and map the “as-is” state.

  • protope icon

    Prototype & Pilot

    We create clickable prototypes and validate them with real users, helping UX experts to identify issues, wrong assumptions, prioritise conflicts early on, and ensure optimal use of time and financial resources.

  • optimisation icon

    Test & Improve

    Once clickable prototypes are created, a test phase follows in which all stakeholders can optimise the idea/ the existing concept, taking part in shaping the final product.

  • estimation icon

    Estimation & Planning

    Lessons are learned from the idea validation and optimisation, and conclusions are drawn. The plan, the estimation, and all the specifications needed for the product development process are worked out.

  • software dev icon


    By using agile development methods such as Scrum, we begin with timely product development, including a seamless user experience based on the optimised prototype and best practices.

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Featured Case Studies

Ampersand health
Mobile App

Self-management application solution
for patients

HealthSuite is the leading management tool for patients with inflammatory conditions that provides effective digital therapies. The solution combines practical tips and tools for patients with a variety of chronic conditions and must present accurate information for complex topics.

  • company icon Ampersand Health
  • location icon UK
  • date icon May 2018 - Ongoing
Swift Angular Kotlin +1
Explore Case Study

HARP - Ethical review process system
for NHS

HARP is a complex web management application solution developed for the needs of Health Research Authority and Research Ethics Committees, part of National Health Service /NHS/ in UK.

  • company icon NHS UK
  • location icon United Kingdom
  • date icon Jul 2013 - Apr 2014
Microsoft SQL Server ASP .Net Web API +2
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Drug Manufacturing Intelligence Solution
Web platform

Drug Manufacturing Intelligence

Manufacturing intelligence solution that automatically collects, analyses, and reports global manufacturing data. Real time process and product monitoring and continuous process verification.

  • company icon Top 5 Pharmaceutical Company
  • location icon Switzerland
  • date icon 3+ years
MySQL Kendo UI Microsoft .NET +2
Explore Case Study
Web platform

Clinical Trials Management System

Clinicubes CTMS is an innovative trial management system, which helps you track every single aspect of the trial and implement robust processes and methods of evaluation.

  • company icon BGO Labs
  • location icon Bulgaria
  • date icon May 2018 - Ongoing
Microsoft .NET Kendo UI AngularJS +2
Explore Case Study
Modernization of a Healthcare
Web Platform

Technology Leadership in the
Modernization of a Healthcare

Complete project delivery leadership for modernization of a healthcare platform, resulting in a high-quality, smooth end-to-end implementation with timely market introduction.

  • company icon Curaden AG
  • location icon Switzerland
  • date icon 2020 - Ongoing
Explore Case Study
Web platform

Data-driven Pharma Manufacturing

A web application that facilitates data collection and complex analysis in pharmaceutical production.

  • company icon Top 5 Pharmaceutical Company
  • location icon Switzerland
  • date icon In progress
Microsoft .NET Angular Kendo UI +2
Explore Case Study
Digital Platform for Clinical Trial Recruitment Forecasting
Web platform

Digital Platform for Clinical Trial
Recruitment Forecasting

The solution is a software platform aimed to assist our client’s employees in planning & projecting clinical trial activities and provide complex reporting capabilities for their customers. The platform is constantly enhancing its reporting capabilities by both – expanding the type of reporting available to its users and by providing additional tools for faster data processing.

  • company icon LabCorp Drug Development
  • location icon USA
  • date icon 2021 - ongoing
Microsoft .NET Angular Microsoft SQL Server
Explore Case Study
Medical Realities
Web platform

Revolutionizing Medical Learning:
The Web App that Brings Virtual Reality
to Students

A web application that connects medical students to a Virtual Reality Healthcare Training Tool.

  • company icon Medical Realities
  • location icon London, UK
  • date icon 2022
Microsoft .NET Microsoft Azure +2
Explore Case Study
Medical Realities
Web platform

Digital platform for scientific medical guidelines

Custom platform based on the Client’s requirements for creating e-Guidelines considering the requirements for content creation based on the GRADE approach for evidence assessments and grade of recommendations.

  • company icon Foundation MORE Darzalas
  • location icon Bulgaria
  • date icon 2022 - Present
NodeJS Docker
Explore Case Study

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PDaaS vs. Traditional Development:
A Comparative Overview

Discover how our PDaaS model elevates product development above conventional methods to achieve outstanding results.

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      Resource Flexibility

    • icon 02

      Expertise Access

    • icon 03

      Compliance Focus

    • icon 04

      Cost Efficiency

    • icon 05

      Risk Management

    • icon 06

      Innovation Potential

    • icon 07

      Project Agility

    • icon 08

      User-Centred Design

    • Scalable resources tailored to project needs
    • Immediate access to healthcare development experts
    • Specialized in healthcare regulatory standards
    • Reduced overhead and operational costs
    • Proactive risk mitigation from the start
    • High, with access to cutting edge technology
    • Agile development for fast adaptation
    • Strong focus on user needs and experience
    • Fixed resources, less adaptability
    • Limited by in-house team’s expertise
    • Generalized compliance approach
    • Higher costs due to recruitment and training
    • Reactive risk management
    • May be constrained by existing tech stack
    • Often slower due to set processes
    • Less emphasis on tailored user experience

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    Flexibly add membersFlexibly add members, with the expertise you need, to
    accelerate your healthcare development team

  • Save time and money

    Save time and moneySave time and money on recruitment, training and staff

  • Gain clearer scope

    Gain clearer scopeMockup, validate an design the right product,
    improving efficiency for both teams and end-users

  • Maximize value

    Maximize valueDevelop efficinetly using the latest technologies
    with compliance in mind


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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Development as a Service (PDaaS) is a model that delivers easily scalable development services to businesses seeking suitable resources for both new product development from scratch and ongoing company projects in healthcare.

PDaaS revolutionizes outsourced product development by supplying companies with a dedicated team of experienced developers who can work on a project from its inception to completion.

This approach provides an efficient way for businesses to access top technology talent without the need to hire and manage an in-house team. In addition to our adaptability, we take pride in our expertise in compliance and healthcare understanding.

This allows us to create customized solutions that not only comply with stringent regulatory standards but also address the unique challenges of the healthcare landscape.

Although traditional methods of product development may not always be unsuccessful, it is the development team's methods and the discrepancy between the product development processes and the company's expectations that lead to failures.

PDaaS serves as a solution for the disconnect between product development and a company's current product demands by implementing a systematic approach that yields measurable outcomes in the future. It simplifies and optimizes the transformation of product ideas into fully developed, deployed, and adopted products.

Outsourcing product development to vendors requires tightly-scoped contracts, which limits development agility, hinders growth, and might even lead to product failure. Vice versa, PDaaS is an easily scalable development solution that employs top-quality, highly skilled, and experienced product development resources and implements the best software development practices.

This way, PDaaS ensures the delivery of products outperforms current product development solutions.

PDaaS requires a workforce with varied skill sets to handle the various tasks involved in the product development process. IT directors and senior leaders can benefit from PDaaS as it can ease their burden of managing the entire product development process in-house.

Partnering with a reputable and experienced PDaaS provider can enable companies to benefit from the enterprise product development experience of a team that includes product managers, project managers, business analysts, application developers, system engineers, quality assurance analysts, security analysts, etc.

By leveraging the individual and collaborative capabilities of this effective product development team, companies can create a competency that delivers high efficiency, quality, and sustainability levels. In addition, using the latest languages, tools, and technologies helps the right development team to enhance the product's features and functionalities, thus maintaining its competitiveness.

BGO Software is a PDaaS partner, providing a comprehensive service delivery offering to numerous healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology organizations. With over a decade of experience, we help these organizations identify new horizons, generate and validate ideas, create new concepts, develop digital strategies, achieve interoperability, and drive projects forward.

By leveraging appropriately skilled development resources and creating competency, BGO Software helps its partners meet user needs and achieve their goals.

Our industry-experienced technology leaders ensure efficiency, provide premium support in strategic decision-making processes, and will guarantee the overall success of your projects.

The best way to initiate a PDaaS project is through a Full Discovery process.

This comprehensive approach allows for an in-depth understanding of your project 's goals, user needs, and potential challenges. It involves detailed analysis, extensive user research, and development of prototypes for validation.

This method ensures a solid foundation for the project, aligns development with your strategic objectives, and sets a clear path for successful execution, making it ideal for kick-starting your PDaaS project effectively.

You can also explore our complimentary Mini-Discovery to:

  • Define your next idea and design a roadmap
  • Understand how to overcome specific technical challenges
  • Accelerate delivery with high-skilled augmented teams

Yes, we work with partners worldwide. Our clients range from white sounds corporations, clinical research organizations to SMEs developing health products. Many of our customers are based in Switzerland, US, UK in Europe.

It very much depends on the specific requirements of every project. Usually we would start with a Discover session a couple of days after the initial contract. After collecting the requirements and agreeing on the timeline, it usually takes less than two weeks to have the team assembled and ready to start. For some more non mainstream technologies or very specific requirements the process might take 2 - 4 weeks maximum.

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