Product Discovery and Design

Aligning business goals, user needs and available technology

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We employ human-centred Product Design and behavioural science, to develop health solutions that change behaviours, reduce costs and improve outcomes for end-users. BGO Software's deep understanding of the clinical and regulatory landscape ensures that our clients invest in digital health products, that the market needs.

The Product Journey

Aligning business goals, user needs and available technology

From initial product concept to after launch, BGO Software is your trusted technology expert. We design future-proofed products with the execution in mind so that you can get the maximum for your budget.

Eliminate the risk of designing a product, that the market will not adopt! Thanks to the deep business and customer understanding, we deliver notable digital health products which make an impact today.

Maintenance Development Discovery

Our Approach to Product Design

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  • Deep Business and Customer Understanding

    We have gathered unbeatable domain expertise and customer understanding. With BGO Software you eliminate the risk to develop a solution, that the market does not need or accept. We build trust in small increments to eliminate all risks and drive your projects forward.

  • Building Products that Solve Problems in the Best Way

    Healthcare service providers need to ensure that they deliver a better value to the market and drive customers to a positive outcome and constant improvement. Our team of consultants and experts will assist you to achieve this goal in a fast and streamlined way.

  • Stay Always Ahead of the Curve

    No matter if it is about technology or competition, we know you need to stay ahead of the curve. We help you develop a seamless user experience, based on best practice and research, as well as commercial objectives. Our team contributes ideas and optimisations around the existing product concept and seek to push the boundaries if appropriate.

  • Efficiency at Every Step

    Our target is to bring efficiency at every step of the project. From time management, and resource usage to the development roadmap, we optimise the process at every step. BGO Software becomes your internal expert, which cares to track innovations and trends to maximise your success.

  • Ensuring Compliance

    BGO Software has more than a decade of experience in building compliant solutions and validated systems for industry leaders. We have an unbeatable understanding of industry standards and ensure all ISOs GxPs are followed.

  • Aligning IT with Business to Create Value

    Be more competitive and deliver real value on the market. At BGO software we talk to our customers and align technology with the business pace and requirements. Increase the value of your company, translate problems into IT solutions and generate greater value for the end-users.

  • Unbeatable Quality

    We make no compromise with quality. All products are designed in line with the execution in mind. From initial prototype to final release, we apply a rich portfolio of testing methodologies and ongoing updates of technologies, to ensure a way better quality than off-the-shelf solutions.

Key Deliverables

Hire a dedicated team to develop your product or act as an extension of your existing IT team. Team Augmentation reduces long-term burdens and makes your organization more adaptive and efficient. Our teams are chosen for their experience and skill set, in response to the client’s specific demands.

  • Project Initiation Document

    The Project Initiation Document (PID) contains basic, but vital information about the upcoming project, its technology, and the type and number of specialists expected to be able to deliver it.
  • Functional Specification

    The purpose of this document is to describe all the requirements related to the scope and functionalities. It details the relevant performance from a user and business perspective.
  • Wireframes or Prototype

    Wireframes are visual layouts representing the main elements and the projects’ hierarchy. Prototypes offer a high-fidelity representation of your project. It’s like an enriched basic module.
  • Resources and Cost Analysis

    This deliverable relates to price range details. An overall cost proposal will give the Client an idea of how much investment will be required over the timeframe needed to build and test the app.
  • Project Plan

    After we gather the preliminary information, we continue to the project plan. We will provide you with estimated figures, plan for resources needed and development plan.
  • Workshop

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Digital Health Advisory and

By foreseeing change and leveraging technology, BGO Software provides digital health advisory and consulting for a large amount of pharma and clinical organizations globally. We help you build long-term strategic roadmaps, ensure business system integration, digital transformation and go-to-market strategies. Our team is next to you across the entire digital health journey - creating your technology strategies, shaping products and implementing custom platforms, shaping your IT team and leveraging the power of augmentations services, building a roadmap for innovation and development.

As a trusted technology partner, BGO Software helps you to set the direction of your digital transformation. Our experienced consultants assist you to identify the new opportunities and find a path forward by developing an innovation and technology roadmap. We ensure your technologies deliver commercial success in rapidly company growth.

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Get a free consultancy with a technology expert from BGO Software’s team. Whether you need to engineer a custom product, or you are searching for a ready platform, which can be customised to your needs, we have the right solutions.

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A mobile application - chronic inflammatory conditions


A mobile application developed by our team for one of our clients and partners - Ampersand Health, that is designed to support people with chronic inflammatory conditions. Healthsuite combines practical tips and tools for patients with variety of chronic conditions and delivers accurate information for complex topics like Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and other forms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, over 200 forms of Arthritis and the most recent My Dermatology app, for skin issues and conditions.

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