Digital Platform for clinical trial recruitment forecasting
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Digital Platform for clinical trial recruitment forecasting

A digital platform that generates statistical forecasts for clinical trial recruitment activities such as patient recruitment, visit and endpoint study projections using a simulation-based statistical engine.


LabCorp Drug Development



Project Timeline

2021 - ongoing


IT Talent as a Service

Technology stack

Technology Stack

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The Need

Our client’s primary request was to modernize the way they plan and execute clinical trial deliverables, as well as report valuable results to their customers. As a result, they needed to replace an existing software platform in order to do so.

The Challenge

The main challenge in the project is that the software platform must meet the needs of a diverse set of stakeholders while also meeting the requirements for typical validated software in the highly dynamic and security-demanding healthcare industry.

The platform is mainly used by Data Modeling and Analytics team and clinical trial project leaders in LabCorp and is utilizing a sophisticated simulation based statistical engine to project the clinical trial activities. This makes a highly complex system that is processing multiple input variables to produce its forecasts by using the Monte Carlo statistical method.

The generated forecasts are then used to produce customer reports and help project leaders to plan clinical trial activities by making informed decisions based on the projected scenarios.

Тhe Solution

XRAF (Xellerate Recruitment and Forecasting) is a software platform aimed to assist Labcorp employees in planning & projecting clinical trial activities and provide complex reporting capabilities for their customers. The platform is constantly enhancing its reporting capabilities by both – expanding the type of reporting available to its users and by providing additional tools for faster data processing, thus eliminating a lot of manual effort for LabCorp employees.

The project aim is to:

  • Replace another existing software platform
  • Enhance its capabilities with modern technologies that will allow the new platform to scale and expand its functionality more efficiently
  • Provide sophisticated reporting capabilities
  • Provide integrations with internal data warehouse solutions
  • Provide tools for easier and more efficient data management and processing

Value Delivered

XRAF provides several benefits and delivers value in several verticals like: 

  • It allows LabCorp employees to better plan their workflows and predict clinical trial activities more accurately.
  • It enables LabCorp customers to receive more accurate reports on time and with less manual intervention required from their end. This allows them to make better decisions about their research projects and streamline operations across the board.

XRAF gives LabCorp employees the data they need to make the right decisions. The software platform frees up a lot of time that goes into manual reports and speeds up report processing.

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