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We Build Advanced
Clinical Research Solutions

Custom or ready-made solutions that cover the whole drug development cycle.
Backed by 15 years of clinical research expertise, and trusted by eminent
government and private organizations.

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Clinical Research Software

After a decade of working with some of the biggest companies and hospitals in healthcare, our clinical research solutions expertise
covers the whole drug development cycle.

Here’s how we can help:

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    Built From the Ground Up

    based on your requirements and unique needs

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    Out-of-the-box Solutions

    customized for your company or next clinical trial

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    Modernising Existing

    solutions, upgrading or entirely re-writing them

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    Have a project in mind?

    Get in touch

  • Data Security & Adaptability

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  • Future-ready Compliance

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  • AI-powered Accuracy

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  • Expertise & Mutual Collaboration






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custom solutions we’ve built

Our Expertise Covers Every Phase of
Clinical Trials

Digital Platform for Clinical Trial
clinical research industry

Digital Platform for Clinical Trial Recruitment Forecasting

The solution is a software platform aimed to assist our client’s employees in planning & projecting clinical trial activities and provide complex reporting capabilities for their customers. The platform is constantly enhancing its reporting capabilities by both – expanding the type of reporting available to its users and by providing additional tools for faster data processing.

  • company icon Fortrea
  • location icon USA
  • date icon 2021 - ongoing
Microsoft .NET Angular Microsoft SQL Server
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Web App

HARP - Ethical review process system for NHS

HARP is a complex web management application solution developed for the needs of Health Research Authority and Research Ethics Committees, part of National Health Service /NHS/ in UK.

  • company icon NHS UK
  • location icon United Kingdom
  • date icon Jul 2013 - Apr 2014
Microsoft .NET Angular Microsoft SQL Server
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Patient Adherence Programs Fully Automated with CRM
pharmaceutical industry

Patient Adherence Programs Fully Automated with CRM

A web-based software for the management of patient support and patient adherence programs.

  • company icon Fidelis Research
  • location icon Europe
  • date icon 2021
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Electronic Vouchers: Improving Patient Support Programs
pharmaceutical industry

Electronic Vouchers: Improving Patient Support Programs

Electronic Vouchers for Medical Services and a complete system for improved management of patient support programs.

  • company icon Pharma Works
  • location icon Bulgaria
  • date icon 2021
PHP Symfony Docker Microsoft SQL Server Kendo UI
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Electronic Vouchers: Improving Patient Support Programs
pharmaceutical industry

Trusted Third Party in a Clinical Research pipeline

Trusted Third Party in a Clinical Research pipeline

  • company icon NDA
  • location icon Global
  • date icon 2018-2019
PHP Laravel MySQL Docker
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Discover how we can help with your
Custom Clinical Research Solution

Let’s Discuss Your Solution
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Ready–made Clinical Research

Out-of-the-box products that can be fully customized to your company or next clinical trial.

Monitor. Adapt. Control. Streamline. Report.

A CTMS enhances clinical trial efficiency with real-time financial and operational insights, ensuring every study is optimally managed for success from start to finish. Its intuitive interface and robust tracking empower trial managers to maintain complete oversight, maximising resources and streamlining execution.

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    Efficient Budget Monitoring info icon

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    Versatile Patient Randomization info icon

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    Full Site & Subject Oversight info icon

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    Instant Study Progress Insights info icon

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    Simplified Document Management info icon

Design. Digitize. Integrate. Analyze. Secure.

Metaforms revolutionizes the management of healthcare documentation by digitizing traditional paperwork into efficient, accessible digital formats. This innovative platform enhances operational workflows, enabling healthcare organizations to focus on delivering superior patient care and driving research forward without the encumbrances of manual documentation processes.

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    Custom Forms
    Intuitive & User-friendly info icon

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    Seamless Integration
    with Systems info icon

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    Data Analysis
    Insightful & Actionable info icon

  • icon

    Information Security
    Robust & Reliable info icon

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    Efficient Management
    Streamlined Workflows info icon

Organize. Automate. Accelerate. Optimise.

Our solution offers a robust, modular system for managing the complete lifecycle of clinical trial ethics applications, including post-approval amendments and reports. Designed for governmental bodies in healthcare, it streamlines the review process, enabling electronic submissions and efficient tracking of applications and documentation.

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    Alerts Module
    to expedite ethics review info icon

  • icon

    Applications Module
    detailed database & tracking info icon

  • icon

    Meetings Module
    plan, automate, track info icon

  • icon

    Committee Module
    enhanced protection info icon

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    Documents & Letters
    efficient docs & comms info icon

Educate Team. Comply. Advance.

Our LMS Solution, your go-to platform for customized learning management solutions, is dedicated to empowering professionals within the pharmaceutical and clinical research fields ensuring unwavering adherence to industry regulations and facilitating career progression.

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    Compliance Training
    from industry experts info icon

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    Customisable Content
    adapted easily info icon

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    Data Management
    accuracy & integrity info icon

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    Integrated LMS
    seamless integration info icon

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    Efficient Onboarding
    for productivity info icon

Interested? Enquire Now!
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    Every company & trial needs are different, we work closely with you to find the best fit for your needs.

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    Managed Services

    End-to-end support for the operation & maintenance, including proactive monitoring, upgrades & training.

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    Leveraging agile methodologies & industry best practices to integrate & adapt to your systems seamlessly.

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Learn how we can customize our solutions
to your unique research needs

Modular, platform–agnostic and ready to integrate into your systems. Discover how.

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Our Clinical Research Solution
Cover the Objectives You Need

Our systems are built to streamline workflows, compliance, enhance data-driven decisions, and bolster patient outcomes.

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    Streamline patient outcome collection for enhanced research validity.

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    Boost patient engagement and elevate the clinical research workflow

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    Merge digital health technologies seamlessly for optimal
    clinical trial accuracy

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    Bolster patient service personalisation with innovative tech integrations.

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    Elevate data security and quality, ensuring consistent trial reliability.

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    Accurately project and manage trials with advanced data intelligence.

Why Trust BGO for your
Clinical Research Solutions

When it comes to Clinical Research solutions, our approach and expertise are unmatched.

  • In-Depth Knowledge of
    Clinical Regulations

    Harnessing extensive experience to ensure solutions are compliant with the constantly evolving clinical research landscape.

  • Patient-Centric Design

    Building platforms that prioritise patient engagement and improve outcomes, always keeping the end-user in mind.

  • Real-time Adaptability for
    Seamless Workflow

    Our solutions continually evolve with the dynamic needs of clinical research, ensuring uninterrupted research flow.

  • Transparent Client

    Maintaining open lines of communication, we work hand-in-hand with clients to tailor solutions to specific research goals.

  • Rigorous Solution

    Ensuring reliability with meticulous testing environments, adapting and perfecting as research demands change.

  • Unwavering Commitment
    to Excellence

    Rooted in a dedication to research accuracy, data integrity, and patient safety, BGO holds market-leading 84% NPS Score.

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At BGO Software, our experience in developing clinical research systems has emphasized the necessity of close attention to detail and rigorous security measures. This includes the implementation of strong data encryption and adherence to international compliance standards to ensure the continuous protection of patient data integrity.
Bojidar Markov, Head of R&D
Bojidar Markov

We work with businesses worldwide, so get in touch!

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Discover how our BGO can
Accelerate your Clinical Research initiatives with:

  • Built from the ground

    Built from the ground up custom solutions

  • customisable solutions

    Out-of-the-box customisable solutions

  • IT Teams

    On-Demand IT Teams

  • Technical & Compliance Consulting

    Strategic Technical & Compliance Consulting


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BGO is trusted by top healthcare startups, Fortune 100 companies
and governments for their digital health solutions.

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15 years of working on digital health products in regulated industries.


A wide variety of successful projects and industry expertise.


An innovation culture shaped by mutual trust, creativity, agility and adaptability.


We are honoured to have gained the trust of government and corporate leaders.

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