Patient Adherence Programs Fully Automated with CRM
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Patient Adherence Programs Fully Automated with CRM

A web-based software for the management of patient support and patient adherence programs.

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The Need

Fidelis Research is an EU-based company, which provides tailored Human Tissue Procurement, Site Network Management and Patient Recruitment and Clinical Research services in South-Eastern Europe – Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Turkey. 

For the needs of Fidelis Research, BGO Software developed a Patient CRM. The solution is web-based software for the management of patient support and patient adherence programs. It covers all the program’s needs of clinical trials by providing an online platform to collect information from all participants in it – patient and physician profiles, different forms and data, application status tracking, and more.

The Challenge

The management of patient adherence programs is a complex task in which there are several parties involved. In this process, strict rules and stages are followed. Therefore, the collection of data across the process in combination with following all procedures and steps as predefined is vital for the final success of the patient support program. 

To accelerate their patient adherence programs and decrease complexity, Fidelis Research needed a CRM system, which can automate the process to the maximum. The main target of the system was to ensure smart, automated management of the patients and their interactions with doctors and physicians. In this way, all of the business processes will be easily kept under control and the overall management of patient programs and patient treatment will be simplified. 

The Solution

BGO Software has built a multi-functional Patient CRM for Fidelis Research. The solution is a web-based system consisting of a database with information for patients, doctors, treatments and health facilities. The Patient CRM supports Fidelis Research in managing medications and manipulations for patients and the corresponding patient support programs.

The solution was developed by 1 engineer only, and it took 5 months to be completed. BGO Software applied its platform-based development approach to finish the project in the short term. Thanks to our expertise in working with many clinical research organisations and leading pharma enterprises, we have developed unique building blocks that stay at the foundation of developing solutions for regulated environments.

The Patient CRM supports a user interface and admin back-end to create and track different reports. A variety of modules are available to make the work easier and to collect all the information available – Contacts, Objects, Patient Journey, Medical Conditions, Medications, Documents, Manipulations, Statistics, Appointments, Alerts and Notifications, etc. The CRM supports different levels of access and permissions and guaranteed security for the sensitive information collected. Third-party integration with advanced BI tools is also supported to ensure in-depth data analysis. 

Patient CRM Features:

  • User-friendly dashboards
  • Patient profiles
  • Customisable patient statuses
  • Automated workflows and events
  • Automatic reports
  • Smart calendar
  • Integration with call centre software
  • Comments and alerts
  • Mobile Application

Value Delivered

The new Patient CRM solution enables Fidelis Research to maintain full control and monitoring over the steps which a patient needs to cover to ensure he meets all the requirements of the patient support program. The system allows centralised storage of all the data available and advanced data analytics. A huge part of the processes is automatised, which makes the work of site managers and physicians a lot easier. The company can track in a few clicks the progress of the treatment for each patient, the manipulations and medications allowed for him and the results from them. The relationship between patient and doctors are clearly defined, and the relationship with patients is improved. 

Fidelis Research is using the Patient CRM internally, as well as selling the platform to other companies as a feature-rich solution for the management of patient adherence programs. The system provides a great solution for a variety of use cases – Patient Support Programs, Clinics Management, Medical Practice Management, Patient and Patient Relationship Management.


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