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with the Top 1% On-Demand IT Talent

Empower your healthcare projects with our high-skilled, flexible
augmented teams
, bringing top-notch UX/UI and tech expertise for
transformative health solutions.

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Maximise value at every step of
your roadmap with our IT experts

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    IT team augmentation

    Expert IT professionals seamlessly integrate into your team, enhancing project momentum under your management.

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    Dedicated teams

    Teams collaborating with yours or other vendors on specific projects, led by our skilled project managers and technical leads.

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    End-to-end development

    Save up to 30% by entrusting us with
    your entire project
    , eliminating in-house recruitment, training, and expertise gaps.

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    Managed IT services

    From managing infrastructure to operations, we deliver full-spectrum IT services for consistent stability and efficiency.

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    Deep healthcare expertise

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    Security and compliance

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    84% Net promoter score

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    Reduced time-to-market

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    Reduced recruitment time

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Today’s Leading Technologies

Solidify your digital transformation with expertise in cutting-edge tools and frameworks. We’re equipped to handle all your software needs.

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Featured Case Studies

Ampersand health
Mobile App

Self-management application solution
for patients

HealthSuite is the leading management tool for patients with inflammatory conditions that provides effective digital therapies. The solution combines practical tips and tools for patients with a variety of chronic conditions and must present accurate information for complex topics.

  • company icon Ampersand Health
  • location icon UK
  • date icon May 2018 - Ongoing
Swift Angular Kotlin +1
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HARP - Ethical review process system
for NHS

HARP is a complex web management application solution developed for the needs of Health Research Authority and Research Ethics Committees, part of National Health Service /NHS/ in UK.

  • company icon NHS UK
  • location icon United Kingdom
  • date icon Jul 2013 - Apr 2014
Microsoft SQL Server ASP .Net Web API +2
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Drug Manufacturing Intelligence Solution
Web platform

Drug Manufacturing Intelligence

Manufacturing intelligence solution that automatically collects, analyses, and reports global manufacturing data. Real time process and product monitoring and continuous process verification.

  • company icon Top 5 Pharmaceutical Company
  • location icon Switzerland
  • date icon 3+ years
MySQL Kendo UI Microsoft .NET +2
Explore Case Study
Web platform

Clinical Trials Management System

Clinicubes CTMS is an innovative trial management system, which helps you track every single aspect of the trial and implement robust processes and methods of evaluation.

  • company icon BGO Labs
  • location icon Bulgaria
  • date icon May 2018 - Ongoing
Microsoft .NET Kendo UI AngularJS +2
Explore Case Study
Modernization of a Healthcare
Web Platform

Technology Leadership in the
Modernization of a Healthcare

Complete project delivery leadership for modernization of a healthcare platform, resulting in a high-quality, smooth end-to-end implementation with timely market introduction.

  • company icon Curaden AG
  • location icon Switzerland
  • date icon 2020 - Ongoing
Explore Case Study
Web platform

Data-driven Pharma Manufacturing

A web application that facilitates data collection and complex analysis in pharmaceutical production.

  • company icon Top 5 Pharmaceutical Company
  • location icon Switzerland
  • date icon In progress
Microsoft .NET Angular Kendo UI +2
Explore Case Study
Digital Platform for Clinical Trial Recruitment Forecasting
Web platform

Digital Platform for Clinical Trial
Recruitment Forecasting

The solution is a software platform aimed to assist our client’s employees in planning & projecting clinical trial activities and provide complex reporting capabilities for their customers. The platform is constantly enhancing its reporting capabilities by both – expanding the type of reporting available to its users and by providing additional tools for faster data processing.

  • company icon LabCorp Drug Development
  • location icon USA
  • date icon 2021 - ongoing
Microsoft .NET Angular Microsoft SQL Server
Explore Case Study
Medical Realities
Web platform

Revolutionizing Medical Learning:
The Web App that Brings Virtual Reality
to Students

A web application that connects medical students to a Virtual Reality Healthcare Training Tool.

  • company icon Medical Realities
  • location icon London, UK
  • date icon 2022
Microsoft .NET Microsoft Azure +2
Explore Case Study
Medical Realities
Web platform

Digital platform for scientific medical guidelines

Custom platform based on the Client’s requirements for creating e-Guidelines considering the requirements for content creation based on the GRADE approach for evidence assessments and grade of recommendations.

  • company icon Foundation MORE Darzalas
  • location icon Bulgaria
  • date icon 2022 - Present
NodeJS Docker
Explore Case Study

Their flexibility and passion for delivery are really impressive. They always go the extra mile.

Manager, National Health Agency
Read success story

We were satisfied with every aspect of the work with BGO Software - the digital health lab.

CEO, Healthcare Company
Read success story

They have a customer-oriented attitude and the flexibility to change course when we need it.

Stefan Ivanov, Customer Excellence Manager, AbbVie EOOD
Read success story

The company is very engaged, and communicates frequently.

Yvonne Knupp, Head Curaden Apps, Curaden AG
Read success story

It’s always easy to grow or reduce the number of teammates working on the project at different stages.

Technical Dev Scientist,
Biotechnology Research Company
Read success story
Product Development

Their team exceeded our requirements and took the updated system to a new level.

Jason Thompson, Co-Founder, Proscola GmbH
Read success story

The quality and personalized level of service BGO Software delivers is notably special.

Johny Petersen, CEO, Brite GmbH
Read success story

They’re … able to understand where we need to go from a business perspective.

Tal Gozhansky, Co-Founder, INVISR
Read success story
IT Services

They have always been very proactive and caring towards our needs.

Martin Malinov, Head of Product, SoCyber
Read success story
Business services

Their communication was excellent.

Stefan Ratchev, CTO, ZonGuru
Read success story
Arts, entertainment & music

They genuinely understand what they're doing.

Executive, Entertainment Group
Read success story
Energy & natural resources

We appreciate their understanding and engagement with our objectives.

Engineering Director, Larkton Ltd
Read success story

They've been there to support us virtually the whole time.

Vice President, Consulting Firm
Read success story
Real estate

The level of service is outstanding...there's a high level of personal engagement.

Rob Haskell, Owner, Intuito Websites
Read success story

They had an excellent attitude and care.

Sonia Radoykova, CMO, Tokuda Clinical Research Center
Read success story

The team follows the company mission and vision in an agile way.

Ivo Petrov, Co-Founder & Projects & Public Affairs Lead, BJCN
Read success story

We've been impressed with their communication and ability to listen.

Steve Dann, Executive Chairman, Medical Realities
Read success story

Explore IT Talent healthcare
solutions—or challenge us!

Whatever your needs are, we’ll take your ideas out of a napkin and turn them into world-class, compliant solutions.

Our flexible healthcare
IT Talent services

Our healthcare software

Designed to handle the entire digital health solutions development cycle or join you at any stage of the project.

Custom-built digital health IT teams ready to integrate with yours, instantly expand capacity, and help implement your digital strategy roadmap—better, faster and more cost-efficient.

Tailored consultancy with senior leaders who posses the in-depth technical knowledge your company needs. Helping you handle technology challenges, manage the engineering team and roadmap, and guarantee the success of your projects.

We excel in healthcare solutions development. This offers two following two integration benefits:

Our teams can smoothly understand the requirements, suggest relevant ideas, and seamlessly integrate into your teams and general process.

Your healthcare IT ecosystem will be more connected, integrating your software with needed systems and applications to ensure interoperability and security, following best practices and simplifying the adoption of new features and extensions.

Our experts help your software operate seamlessly, with adaptability, security, and cost-efficiency in mind.

Our comprehensive support services are tailored to meet your specific needs, including thorough pre-support assessments, round-the-clock performance monitoring, and timely upgrades and customisations.

Trust us to keep your software running smoothly and optimally, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional healthcare products and services.

Revamp your legacy software by modernising, upgrading and extending it or entirely re-building it.

We know what leading solutions look like, so we can suggest the best outcomes and best security, reliability and compliance practices.

We work with businesses worldwide, so get in touch!

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Discover how BGO Software
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    Flexibly add members, with the expertise you need, to
    accelerate your healthcare development team

  • Save time and money

    Save time and money on recruitment, training and staff

  • Gain clearer scope

    Gain clearer scope, transparency and leading-edge

  • Maximize value

    Maximize value at every step of your roadmap


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BGO is trusted by top healthcare startups, Fortune 100 companies
and governments
for their digital health solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

This service completely eliminates the need for our clients to hire, manage, motivate or provide administrative support for the IT professionals involved in their projects, across a wide pool of technologies. Flexibility is one of the key benefits of the service, as various talents can be added or removed from the project almost instantly. All IT professionals that BGO provides are trained and experienced in healthcare projects, and aware of the current regulations and industry standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, HL7, as well as ISO certifications.

Yes, we work with partners worldwide. Our clients range from white sounds corporations, clinical research organizations to SMEs developing health products. Many of our customers are based in Switzerland, US, UK in Europe.

It very much depends on the specific requirements of every project. Usually we would start with a Discover session a couple of days after the initial contract. After collecting the requirements and agreeing on the timeline, it usually takes less than two weeks to have the team assembled and ready to start. For some more non mainstream technologies or very specific requirements the process might take 2 - 4 weeks maximum.

BGO is one of the very few service providers that 100% focused on healthcare. That means that 100% of our staff are experienced in training in healthcare projects meaning that the professionals allocation on your project will have the relevant experience. Our company’s Net Promoter Score, which measures customer satisfaction on a monthly basis, is above 80% which is a promise that every client of BGO receives premium quality service.

If the project is managed by our Project Manager we provide biweekly and/or monthly reports and release notes for every milestone or version release.

Setting aside the technical expertise, remote work requires several skills that are a must in order to have an effective team. Since most of the communication in a remote work environment is done in writing then strong writing skills are a must. Team play and collaboration with the team mates is also important. And last but not least the person must be as much independent as possible and should require a minimum level of micromanagement.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the opportunity to have one partner that covers as much of their strategic IT needs as possible within the scope of healthcare. Some of the most popular technologies that we cover are:

  • -

    Back End tech: .Net Core, PHP, Phyton, Laravel, C# and others.

  • -

    Front End tech: React, Angular, Java Script and others.

  • -

    Mobile tech: Java, Xamarin, Mendix.

  • -

    Quality assurance both manual and automation with knowledge of several platforms, Protractor, TestCafe, Cypress, R and others.

  • -

    Data Engineers with Databricks, Snowflake and many others.

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Did you know that BGO Software is one of the only companies strictly specialising in digital health IT talent and tech leadership?

Our team has over 15 years of experience helping health startups, Fortune 100 enterprises, and governments deliver leading healthcare tech solutions.

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