Revolutionizing Medical Learning: The Web App that Brings Virtual Reality to Students
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Revolutionizing Medical Learning: The Web App that Brings Virtual Reality to Students

A web application that connects medical students to a Virtual Reality Healthcare Training Tool.


Medical Realities


London, UK

Project Timeline

2022 - Present


IT Talent as a Service

Technology stack

Technology Stack

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Revolutionizing Medical Learning: The Web App that Brings Virtual Reality to Students
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The Need

Medical Realities is a dynamic company established in 2015 with a single mission – to revolutionize medical training by offering immersive and innovative teaching solutions that overcome the limitations of traditional 2D curricula. Their healthcare training product, utilizing state-of-the-art Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality technologies, is the missing piece in the puzzle for connecting doctors to the latest cutting-edge medical knowledge and training.  

To complete the picture, they needed an access portal that allows users to effortlessly log in and use the product. 

The Challenge

A significant obstacle faced during the development of the medical training tool was ensuring seamless integration between the VR glasses and the web application, given that logging in could only be accomplished through the use of VR glasses. Overcoming this challenge required careful consideration and expertise in UX design to ensure that the product worked in perfect harmony with the web application. 

Another challenge encountered was the migration of data, which required meticulous planning and execution to ensure that all data was accurately transferred to the new platform. These challenges were overcome through innovative solutions and a dedicated team committed to delivering the best possible user experience. 

Тhe Solution

The solution was expertly delivered by the BGO Software development team, who undertook a full product delivery and seamlessly integrated it with the existing Unity system, utilizing the powerful 3D Engine. 

The project deliverables included the integration of Azure AD B2C, which provides reliable cloud-based identity and access management for customers. Additionally, the team executed a meticulous and successful data migration from the legacy system, ensuring that all critical data was accurately transferred to the new platform. 

Value Delivered

The value delivered by the web application is unmatched, as it allows medical students to experience cutting-edge technology firsthand, providing a unique opportunity for them to exchange knowledge with experienced surgeons and perform simulated surgeries. The Medical Realities’ product suite offers high-fidelity simulation, group-based distance learning, and global access to high-quality 3D spatial learning resources, revolutionizing the medical education industry. 

By leveraging the latest in immersive technology, Medical Realities is empowering a new generation of medical professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their field. 

Digital platform for scientific medical guidelines

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Digital platform for scientific medical guidelines