Self-management application solution for patients
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Self-management application solution for patients

HealthSuite is the leading management tool for patients with inflammatory conditions that provides effective digital therapies.


Ampersand Health



Project Timeline

May 2018 - Ongoing


Technology stack

Technology Stack

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The Need

Healthsuite is a mobile application BGO Software developed for Ampersand Health, designed to support people with chronic inflammatory conditions. A variety of lifestyle factors contribute to inflammation and a deterioration in symptoms, including diet, stress, and travel. It is designed to help you keep in touch with your clinical team and track your medication, appointments, activities, and symptoms so that you can start making decisions that help you feel better.

The Challenge

The biggest initial challenge was to match BGO’s working processes with the clients’. This was necessary because our experts needed to work side by side with the Ampersand Health development team (around 6-7 people). All parties involved in the project were always focused on improving outcomes for patients with long term inflammatory conditions and that a digital and powerful tool for driving behavior change can impact the quality of life of the end-users. 

Healthsuit was meant to combine practical tips and tools for patients with a variety of chronic conditions and must present accurate information for complex topics like Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and other forms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, over 200 forms of Arthritis and the most recent My Dermatology app, for skin issues and conditions. 

Тhe Solution

By exploring innovative new technologies that allow patients suffering from long term conditions to better manage their own health while providing more efficient delivery of clinical care, reducing budget strains, and increasе patient empowerment, BGO experts manage to assemble a very effective health app, that includes:

  • Customizable personal health record

That keeps all of the patient’s information in one place, from the hospital, wearable devices, trackers and outcome measures.

  • Support and guidance 

Patients can get advice from the hospital team remotely and access the Crohn’s & Colitis UK helpline whenever they need some support.

  • Latest research section

Where people can find practical advice, tactics and the latest research in the self-management library and personalized feed.

  • Set up reminders option

For medication and appointments and find out more about local events and support groups.

Value Delivered

MyIBD Care (a module of HealthSuite) has been piloted in the Gastroenterology departments at King’s College University Hospital and Barts Health and has contributed to significant cost savings and efficiencies as part of the South East London IBD care pathway, with more than £1m saved in the first year alone.




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