Technology Leadership in the Modernization of a Healthcare Platform
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Technology Leadership in the Modernization of a Healthcare Platform

Complete project delivery leadership for modernization of a healthcare platform, resulting in a high-quality, smooth end-to-end implementation with timely market introduction.


Curaden AG



Project Timeline

2020 - Present


CTO as a Service

Technology stack

Technology Stack

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The Need

Curaden AG is a pioneering expert in oral health and individual dental prophylaxis and manufacturing over 120 innovative products. As part of their commitment to delivering high quality technology products as well, they needed to modernize their processes and delivery roadmap for one of their leading software products, MediCloud MED.

The MediCloud MED platform is a 360-degree ecosystem of interconnected services designed for various medical practices of different medical specialties. They needed a technology leader to drive their project forward with success.

The Challenge

Curaden AG has a legacy practice management system – MediCloud MED in its portfolio which has been on the market for a long time. The system needed to be modernized, further developed, and maintained, which demanded the involvement of a technology leader with proven experience in the delivery and architecture of large-scale software projects.

Тhe Solution

Consultancy Leadership

Following a thorough discovery process, we developed a plan with the Curaden team to move the software product forward. BGO Sotware provides Project CTO as a service to Curaden, meaning complete project delivery leadership. Our team of technology experts lead the company’s product development with full dedication to the project by leading a high-quality, smooth end-to-end implementation of the required software and architectural changes, accompanied by timely market introduction, taking component reuse into account in the overall project roadmap. 

Consultancy Leadership

Project CTO as a Service proved to be the best suitable solution since it represents a bundle of activities that completely fulfill the client´s needs, including among others:

  • Technical expertise, including technology implementation and consulting, as well as architecture consulting and design 
  • Consultation on software development process 
  • Consultation on the selection and evaluation of technologies, software tools and platforms 
  • Implementation of best practices and principles of agile software development 
  • Identification and elimination of critical issues and risks 
  • Development of concrete solutions 
  • Support on all strategy levels (business and technical) 
  • Assumption comprehensive project responsibility in terms of technical team management, quality, and meeting deadlines 

Value Delivered

The project is ongoing and we add value to it every day. Within the first quarter of the partnership between Curaden AG and BGO Software, the following has been achieved: 

  • A project roadmap was developed and gradually implemented 
  • Full leadership of developers’ team members recruitment and onboarding – from interview to entire onboarding to the work process  
  • Transitioning from Kanban to Scrum methodology with success 
  • Strategic software upgrade and developments – from decisions to actions: e.g. upgrade of the back-end services from Node v10 to Node v16, integration with internal file storage service for improved file storage capabilities for the product 
  • Integration of application-level monitoring solution, which includes near real-time alerts for potential issues or performance degradation 
  • Upgraded local dev environment with improved performance, onboarding and set-up time 
  • Improved product delivery due to identification and elimination of critical issues and risks 
  • Improved efficiency, effectiveness and overall product quality due to shared findings, suggestions and best practices 

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