Trusted Third Party in a Clinical Research pipeline
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Trusted Third Party in a Clinical Research pipeline

Trusted Third Party in a Clinical Research pipeline

About the solution

As a Trusted Third Party, BGO Software developed an entire pipeline of patient data processing, enrichment, anonymization, validation, and post-processing for analytical needs. Our system manages to automate patients’ records, analyses, and research, secure every relevant data and add it to a completely automated pipeline of research material for the Clinical Research Industry.





Project Timeline

February 2018 - August 2018 + support contracted per year

Business Model

Fixed cost project



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Project Management Methodology


The classical Project Management Methodology model is considered to offer a well-defined set of criteria and requirement indications before actually starting the design phase and implementation of the project, thus, offering a basis plan of the project before starting and continuing in an orderly sequence of phases. The approach of the Waterfall model starts with the concept inquiry, namely with analysis of requirements.


Security was of main concern in a project like this. Anonymization of personal data, sensitive information, and additionally gathered items had to be thoroughly encrypted, before going into the stream of high-end research materials. 

Our developers were faced with the up-most challenging tasks of:

  • allowing secure access and data submission from hundreds of data sources
  • ensuring PGP encryption and the highest possible security
  • providing high concurrency (almost parallel) processing of a few hundred simultaneous operations in the peak moments
  • adding fully transparent monitoring of the whole data processing the pipeline, having a clear understanding of the state and details for every single activity


BGO teams managed to obtain all of the required specifics and focus on the main goal of facilitating a secure way for interactions with distinct data, without exposing any additional information, besides the mandatory for fueling of a refined Clinical research pipeline.


We developed from scratch a highly scalable data processing pipeline operating in a fully encrypted environment. The system is completely autonomous. It is easily processing a few thousand jobs per hour. It operates without a human.