Electronic Vouchers: Improving Patient Support Programs
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Electronic Vouchers: Improving Patient Support Programs


Pharma Works



Project Timeline



The Need

Electronic Vouchers for Medical Services and a complete system for improved management of patient support programs.

The Challenge

The goal of the project was to develop a web-based application for Medical Services Administration including an option for e-vouchers administration. The system needed to provide a web user interface for end-users and service administrators with additional support for SMS notification interface to SMS gateway. A requirement of PharmaWorks was the system to have its own Microsoft SQL Server database for data storage. In addition, there were data storage requirements to meet the GDPR policies for treating sensitive and confidential information. The system needed to be able to send email and SMS notifications for particular events and in particular conditions. Another requirement for the web application was to have the functionality to prepare templates with placeholders for printing, emails, and PDF generating.

An important part of the project was to develop a system with the ability to allow workflows management for some of the business objects (e-Vouchers). That includes statuses and events tracking.

Тhe Solution

For the needs of PharmaWorks, BGO Software built a web-based application for tracking electronic vouchers for medical services. The platform covers the whole lifecycle of the free services and tracks in real-time the cost associated with them as to give an immediate overview of the patient program to the pharmaceutical company in charge of it.

  • Safeguard control over the release of service by the pharma company
  • Quick patient sign-up & approval process
  • Automated reports
  • Strong control environment

Value Delivered

The final result of the project is an advanced healthcare web application, which is used by pharmaceutical companies, doctors, general practitioners and medical service providers (Laboratories) for better monitoring the process of patient examination, patient programs, and medical tests.




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