Mini Discovery

Mini discovery

Get your idea off the ground with a 2-hour discovery session

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A discovery meeting with a business development representative and a senior software architect who will
support you in laying the groundwork for your next
project and designing a roadmap for your idea or MVP.

Validation of your ideas

Validation of your ideas

What is the business model that would fit best to my product or project, what IT professionals must be involved, how to avoid common mistakes, how to ensure the quality of your code and documentation—we can help you with all of these things. We’ve built hundreds of projects similar to yours and have plenty of experience to share.

Our mini discovery session is where you can validate your ideas. We can give you the bigger picture, and required infrastructure so that you can build something truly amazing.

We’ll bring a bright group of mind-mappers, and technical leaders to the table. You’ll think in a different way of how to conceptualize, design, and build your product or concept.

Mini discovery deliverables

Discover the challenge of your business in a very practical way, whether you have an idea or already have a product.

  • Identify your target audience and their objectives
  • Determine user journeys
  • Define the features and functions of the product or idea
  • Define the MVP scope
  • Ideation (bring all current ideas and add new ones)
  • Mapping of key features (by importance)

Outcome delivery

Target audience Product idea BGOs experts

Give you a better understanding of both end users’ needs and your company’s vision. Our team of experts will guide you through a simple and enjoyable process to ensure you get the best for what you really need. You will have a documented definition of your business after a 2-hour session with us that summarizes all relevant insights into key features of your idea or product, mapped by importance. We take ideas from both you and your target audience and turn them into reality.

  • The discovery
    meeting could be:

  • Online

    Utilising whiteboard tools
    like Miro board, etc

  • Face to Face

    Face to Face

    Using all offline design
    thinking tools

This is a complimentary value-added service.

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