Yana Savchovska: Career Development in Digital Health

Updated - 11 Jan 2023 4 min read
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Yana Savchovska: Career Development in Digital Health

Yana Savchovska, a recruiter at BGO Software, is in charge of hiring technical staff. But what is one of the first thing you hear from her about her title is “I don’t like being called a ‘recruiter’. It’s such a cliché.” And, yes, Yana is so honest that you immediately get the impression that there is more to her than just reading CVs all day; she genuinely cares about what she does every day. “I really want people to accept me as someone who can help them make a career change. Especially in the field of digital health, where working with a purpose creates a real buzz.” 

Yana started her career journey in BGO 6 years ago and since then, she talked to many IT professionals and it is very confident when she says: “IT people have a lot of opportunity nowadays and from what I see every day is that people want to work for a company that has a clear vision and purpose. They want to be a part of something bigger than themselves, such as making a difference in the world or creating something amazing, and they want their work to be meaningful.”. She also thinks that people want their work environment to be dynamic and interesting. They don’t necessarily need all the bells and whistles (like foosball tables), but they do want a sense of growth within their role and with the company itself. 

It’s not about perks or benefits—it’s about purpose. 

Working for a company that aims to create a digital health movement and inspire more and more IT professionals to pursue a career in life-saving technology makes perfect sense to her. And then she adds with a big smile on her face “Perhaps it’s a crazy idea or overly ambitious, but as a wise man once said, if they don’t laugh at your idea, it’s a really small one.” 

Let’s see what else Yana has to say about her “not” recruiter experience. 🙂 

What is the most difficult part when you convince technical talent to choose a career in digital health? 

Actually, I don’t think I need to persuade anyone to consider digital health as a new career path, because more and more people recognize the cause that drives it. The trick is to show them what they will gain as technology and the environment, followed by digital health as an added value. I am seeing lately that more senior people like technical leads and solution architects are choosing business with meaningful purpose, something bigger than the technology. And healthcare, along with technology, fits in perfectly here because that perfect duo has a lot to contribute to people’s lives.  After all this, it is easy – the magic happens and we have them onboard. 😊 

BGO has a high rate of people returning to the company after having previously left. What is it that keeps people coming back to the company and stay for so long here? 

I’d like to speak for my own experience, which I believe is relevant to the other colleagues as well. I’ve been with the company for six years and have had numerous opportunities to develop myself. One of the things I consider a plus is that I feel appreciated by the company’s leaders. It inspires me, makes me feel empowered, and gives you wings to fly outside of your comfort zone. All that comes with the trust that you receive, I believe, is the most valuable thing. This, I believe, is one of the reasons why people return to work for BGO. Also, the opportunity to work with intelligent global leaders in healthcare and innovators makes them feel secure in their decision to stay with us. 

What was your most recent lesson that really shifted your mindset and thinking? 

One of the most recent things that triggered me and opened my eyes was something I learned during a leadership training we had with Paolo Ruggeri. There are two types of people: the “effect” type of person – you look for problems outside of yourself; these are the guys who never take responsibility to change the things that bother them; they can always blame the weather, the government, and everything else for their failures. The second type of person is the “cause” type – you usually find the problem in yourself; if something bothers you, the problem is in you. And this was truly a gift to me as knowledge or, more importantly, the realization that you are the only one who can make a difference in your life, and thus in the lives of those around you by simply taking responsibility for it. 

One last piece of advice for those who are still undecided about joining BGO Software and the digital health movement? 

As already mentioned, – you have all the opportunities you wish. The market is so colorful and varies in business lines. But if your aim is to bring technology to a whole new level, change the healthcare status globally and help save lives every day, you should consider BGO as your partner who will support you in developing your skills and fulfil your potential. 

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