Cloud-based dynamic e-forms building software
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Cloud-based dynamic e-forms building software

Metaforms is a light cloud-based dynamic form building software, developed as a sophisticated web-based SaaS Platform.


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Technology stack

Technology Stack

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The Need

The product is customizable to the needs and processes in any type of business or public organization. By implementing Metaforms into your workflow you can speed up the creation, assigning and processing of forms data up to 500%. From the start of this ambitious project, BGO specialists created this software solution,  with a clear perspective of AI data analysis and voice navigation, which makes it smart and can adapt on the fly to reduce the time for data capture. 

The Challenge

Metaforms was an aspiring project, that led our teams into a variety of milestones and problem-solving tasks.

In order to add business value and serve the main product vision, the project faced some real-time challenges. Process digitization is expensive, slow and heavy to implement, many organizations yet rely on manual filling and exchange of paper forms. In addition to that, existing electronic systems have a hard time exchanging data and staff training is required. 

Fast and easy eCRF generation, questionnaires and online documents require a quick response to changes in Study Protocols, regulations, and more. Achieving functional specifications like,  publishing declarations and collecting consents as well as analysis and provision of data, made Metaforms a complex and challenging project.

Тhe Solution

Metaforms is a high-end web application that can easily digitize your existing paper-based forms and export the collected data to various formats. Every user can design and publish the created procedure forms, questionnaires and assign forms to users or groups in the organization. Metaforms is developed to also ease the process of integration with existing systems.

When approaching all mentioned challenges BGO developed this software solution in a very agile manner and we created a rich assembly of options that meet all requirements.  The admin area in the web-app gives the manager and other users a lot of useful options: 

  • Create organizations
  • Associate and invite users
  • Groups, roles and permissions management
  • Data collection model definition
  • Reusable question and fields libraries
  • Questions (mini forms) editor
  • Powerful web-based forms editor
  • Reuse forms between multiple projects (data collection scenarios)
  • Assign forms to organization users and groups
  • Expose forms data entry by anonymous users
  • Browse and export collected data

The users’ area presents more additional options: 

  • Anonymous and authenticated users data entry
  • Branded instances for each organization
  • User dashboard
  • Upload picture(s) straight to the form (from device camera or file)
  • Export/Print to PDF
  • Browse filled forms
  • Sign forms using stylus or finger
  • Ready for integration and embedding into existing systems: ERP, CRM, Websites, etc.

Value Delivered

We at BGO managed to create a software solution that finds efficient ways to battle the existing challenges in the process of building custom paper forms. 

Metaforms is fast and cheap to implement, as well as intuitive and requires minimal or no staff training. The software is cloud-based and available via the Internet on desktop and mobile devices. Generated forms look as close to those used by people involved in the process, and our development team added the possibility of modification by non-specialists. 

Our product is able to share data with existing systems in the customers’ organization, as well as reporting and data analysis. All of these features function in the most secure data storing manner. 

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