Zuno LMS


A highly Intelligent Learning Management System


Zuno LMS revolutionizes training practices and learning processes.
It is just that simple.


Zuno LMS is a web-based application for creating, managing, distributing and evaluating a great number of learning processes in the form of online courses. Our software system provides instructors with an opportunity to create content and deliver it to a specific group of people.

Learners, on the other hand, benefit from personalized, mobile, relevant and self-paced content. In simple words, Zuno LMS is all about interaction and convenience in terms

of e-learning, cost- and time-savings. Companies, enterprises, universities, corporations, educational institutions and many others are given a chance to take advantage of myriad e-Learning opportunities, which are flexible and adjustable.

Sales training, corporate training, compliance and consultancy training – all of them turn into easy, smooth and pleasant to do projects. The benefits are many and variable.

Technology used:

  • PHP

  • Kendo UI

  • MySQL

  • HTML 5

What’s in it for you?

  • Collecting all the training
    information in a consolidated
  • Efficient and consistent
    learning methods
  • Advanced tracking and
    reporting techniques
  • Evaluation capabilities
  • Easy and handy upgrades
  • Availability on many

Zuno LMS Main Features

  • Data Import & Export

  • Customization and Branding

  • E-Commerce

  • User Registration

  • Course Catalogue

  • Content Management

  • Student Portal

  • Course-interactivity

  • Compatibility and Supported

  • Notifications

  • Course Delivery

  • Coursework Grading

  • API

  • Affiliates management

  • Predictive learning and
    Recommended courses

Advanced Statistics & User Insights

Learners, managers and admins generate reports in five clicks or less. Ensures real-time, on-demand access to business-critical information, including: individual learning progress, knowledge asset demand, learning level and other key analytics. Supports different export formats.

User ACL Roles and Permissions
Translations Management

Single Purchase & Subscription Plans

Supports multiple payment methods: credit card, invoice, and purchase order. Packages functionality automatically adds a discount percentage based on the number of courses added in the shopping cart. Subscription functionality allows to set unlimited number of subscription plans that give access to all of the certified training courses.

Improved Course Management

Access controlled discussion forums; IM chat for learners, instructors and admins. Search capabilities; Assessment/survey tool; Competency management; Modern UI; Mobile responsive; Learner dashboard; Recommends courses to each learner based on what the learner has previously undertaken and/or completed.

Grids & Filtering Widgets

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