Meet Ivan Angov, System Administrator at BGO Software

08 Apr 2016 - 2 min read Ivan Angov

Ivan Angov’s first contact with computers was back in 1991 when his mother signed him up for a computer training course at the “Palace of children”. He remembers that he was using Pravets 8M back then. He started working as a professional Linux system administrator in 2010. Later on, Ivan Angov was doing VOIP administration for a year and a half, which formed him as a good network administrator as well. At the moment, he is equally good at doing all of these things. Now he is also dealing with virtualization and Windows system administration quite seriously.

  • How long have you been working for the company and how did everything start?

I’ve been working for this company for a year now.

  • What are the biggest challenges in what you do?

Knowing about the newest technologies and opportunities that would greatly contribute to the appropriate technological development of the company.

  • What are the most fundamental skills you should have for your current position?

Dedication. To be a good SysAdmin you need to have a lot of experience and knowledge. But most importantly, you have to be devoted to what you do. A system administrator makes sure that everything is stable and works properly 365/7/24. You have to be ready to work at 3 am in the morning, on Sundays or during your holiday.

Ivan Angov

  • My favorite moment of the day is in the morning
  • The first thing I notice about a person is the eyes
  • The 3 things I cannot work without are keyboard, monitor, network connectivity
  • My 3 favorite online places are Google search, Skype,
  • When I am offline, I am a system administrator. I am always online
  • I love my job because I was born to do it
  • I get inspired by people who put their heart and soul into what they do
  • If I had a superpower, it would be forbidding e-mails as a service
  • I come to work by car
  • I learn the most from my google search
  • If I had to describe myself in 3 words, they would be big, fat and bearded 🙂
  • The strangest thing I believed in as a child was that all people are good
  • One person I consider a genius is Lachezar Gorchev
  • My favorite quote is (no quotes by Paulo Coelho if possible) “The desire to have what we don’t, prevents us from using what we have.” Ivan Angov 😉
  • If I win from the lottery, I will invest in a data center
  • If I have to describe to my grandparents what I do for a living… It doesn’t work. Been there, done that already
  • My philosophy in life is eat, drink and wear your new clothes or someone else will do that instead