A Human Capital Management Platform
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A Human Capital Management Platform

AskHR is a Human Capital Management Platform


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Project Timeline

July 2013 - April 2014


Technology stack

Technology Stack

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The Need

Public health systems are among the world’s biggest employers, many with hundreds of thousands of employees to manage. Digitization, and in particular mobile device infiltration, has created new, effective and efficient ways for hospitals and trusts to manage their human capital.

BGO Software developed a simple, effective app that facilitates employee engagement and interaction with the HR department, reduces administration costs and allows access to important employment resources anytime and anyplace.

The Challenge

The mobile app BGO Software managed to create is complex and sophisticated. Numerous features were required in order to meet the client’s needs. AskHR is an efficient mobile app for staff, which is used to find up to date information from the HR department. The CMS allows Human Resources to manage engagement, interaction, and content within the application.

The essence of the project is to incorporate the HR department’s most valuable components, such as: 

  • tax and entitlements
  • an effective and safe workplace
  • appointments and meetings
  • training and development feature
  • vast majority of questions relating to HR topics
  • digital library for procedures, policies, and contracts

Тhe Solution

BGO developed AskHR compatible with  Android 6+ and iOS 9+ fully stacked with

  • Content Management System – the admin portal is developed using PHP, an open-source web, rapid development framework. It allows admins to manage content, field inquiries and more and is accessed via a browser (IE8+, Chrome). 
  • Database – the database is built using MySQL, an open-source relational database. MySQL includes solid data security layers that protect sensitive data and passwords are encrypted.
  • Cloud Hosting – The solution is hosted on a secure and reliable service that uses SSD, has 99.99% uptime and offers 24/7 support. 
  • IG Compliance – The solution is IG compliant and has been through the Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) at Kingston.

Value Delivered

This mobile app is a powerful tool, providing a wide range of features for Human Resources department. 

  • Annual leave calculator and Absence manager – The app includes a digital version of the NHS standard calculator that allows employees to determine their Full Year Entitlement whether they have been working for 10+ years at the facility or are new starters. Employees can also calculate and monitor their holiday and absence entitlements.
  • Emotional wellbeing toolkit  A key feature of the app, the NHS standard toolkit helps maintain employee physical and mental wellbeing at work. It also assists them to reach a safer and more effective workplace to maximize the success of the organization.
  • Appointment booking – Employees can request appointments with the HR department through the app, reducing the number of calls that HR has to field and streamlining the appointment booking process.
  • Employee development – The training and development feature offers staff updates on available external courses, training courses and statutory and mandatory training.
  • FAQ – Customised Q&A in the app answers the vast majority of questions – from maternity leave to new starter – that are normally fielded by the HR department.
  • Employment policies – AskHR creates a digital library for a Trust’s key procedures.

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