Automated Data Extraction solution
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Automated Data Extraction solution

Custom Data Skraping extensions for platform

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Technology Stack

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The Need

Trusted by fortune 500 companies, helps solve real market challenges and execute detailed background checks, monitor brands and is being used as a powerful research instrument. BGO Software managed to get the most out of this powerful platform for our clients, by adding accurate technical knowledge and proven business practices for a number of tailor-made software solutions.

The Challenge

The main challenges during this project were focused mainly on the proper organization of  the whole workflow:

  • Gathering requirements
  • Target site analysis
  • Architecting the data scraper
  • Implementing the scraper within the Dexi platform
  • Execute and do postprocessing and validation of the gathered data.

Тhe Solution

In order for a project of this scale to work properly, our managing team had to define a blazing fast and 100% practically oriented onboarding procedure, so the team (built from scratch) became highly proficient in less than a month:

  • BGO invented and implemented a very effective pipeline and tasks processing workflow that results in high throughput of “unit-to-delivery”
  • We developed separate tools for automated data validation additional data enrichment (geolocation, addresses, specific calculations, etc)
  • Added data accordingly, following the clients’ specifications
  • Managed to assemble an efficient “drag and drop” configuration with block structure 
  • We developed separate tools for
    • automated data validation
    • additional data enrichment (geolocation, addresses, specific calculations,etc)

Value Delivered

BGO Software successfully tutored and assembled an entire team responsible for building data scrapers/extractor through the platform. Over a period of one year, our Web academy delivered a significant amount of specifically trained IT specialists for developing complex data crawling bots, using the wide range of options provided by the leading Enterprise Web Scraping Software – Dexi.

During the project agreed period, BGO Software managed to deliver about 520 different “data scraper robots” with a variety of custom extensions for specific data enrichment and extracting.


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