Clinical Trial Industry training provider
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Clinical Trial Industry training provider

Astra Nova is a large-scale web platform for online training solutions, free courses, webinars, in-house training programs, and news.


Astra Nova



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Technology stack

Technology Stack

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AstraNova-1 AstraNova A renowned UK-based training provider within the clinical trial industry
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The Need

Astra Nova is a UK-based company that provides training services for the pharmaceutical and clinical trial sector. They chose us to make transformational changes to their brand identity. To do that, BGO Software’s experts developed a fresh brand expression in the form of new website design and logo.

The Challenge

Creating a feature-packed website with responsive design and the ability to host cloud-based services. In addition to this, the strict deadline demanded fast but highly effective decisions that would drive innovation to Astra Nova’s best practices. On top of this, we had to ensure the customisation of the website content.

Тhe Solution

Our team of trained experts utilized the latest technology to guarantee flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and time-efficacy. We used WordPress, PHP, JavaScript and SQL Database to add excitement and refresh Astra Nova’s website. The look and functionality of the site were designed for a business environment that can easily shift from web to mobile. We complemented the simplified and updated design with a full pack of intuitive options and fresh colors.

In addition, the website received a broad range of easy to manage in-built e-commerce features that make the purchase of online courses much easier than before. Finally, BGO Software developers created easy to spot and manage the login area along with flexible backend functionality. 

Value Delivered

Besides serving as an informational display of Astra Nova’s clients, the website has an in-built e-commerce feature for online training purchases, login area, and flexible back-end functionality, to ensure customization of displayed website content. Along with the website, we have developed and further customized a Learning Management System, allowing Astra Nova’s users access to numerous online courses.

All of this helped Astra Nova reach even more clients around the world and engage with them more effectively.

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