Virtual Health Solution: Patient Engagement and Remote Monitoring
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Virtual Health Solution: Patient Engagement and Remote Monitoring


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Technology Stack

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The Need

For the needs of the client, BGO Software developed a web-based system that allows patients to conduct online art therapy sessions or book an online session with a therapist. The system consists of two interfaces – for patients and therapists. It helps patients from all around the globe to lowers levels of anxiety and depression, decreases stress levels and improve mood, thus the quality of life.

The Challenge

BGO Software needed to use cutting-edge technologies in order to build a versatile and future-prooved solution for the needs of the customer. The web-based system needed to consists of two modules – for patients and for therapists. Numerous features were required in order to meet the needs of the two parties, while also thinking about how to build a joint collaborative environment for them to interact. The digital health solution needed to allow patients to conduct easily online art therapy sessions or book appointments with a therapist, while also providing advanced capabilities as mood analysis.

Тhe Solution

Guided by our customer’s requirement, deep market understanding and experience, we managed to build an innovative digital health solution, that helps patients to improve the emotional, mental and physical health by using art therapy.

Our team of best IT talent built a web-based system supporting the needs both of patients and therapists. Thanks to it, therapists are able to provide their service to customers globally. The therapists’ module includes:

  • Available Hours
  • Calendar for Online Appointments
  • Patients Listing
  • Session Report
  • Customer Notes
  • Live Sessions

On the other hand, patients with specific conditions have the chance to access experts in various areas and interact with them to achieve accelerated recovery. The user interface for patients is easy to use and navigate and includes:

  • Online Profiles and Registration
  • Self-Therapies
  • Shared Sessions
  • Drawing tools, Collage Tool and Notes
  • Therapist Listing
  • Session Booking
  • Calendar
  • Personal Profiles and more

Value Delivered

BGO Software developed a new-age digital health solution for a company that integrates the healing power of the arts with medicine. The customer had a goal to humanize healthcare by bringing all forms of arts into the healthcare facilities and professional environments.

The solution can be used on all devices and browsers and has a web and mobile version. It has multi-language support, access rights, users levels and permissions and a variety of functionalities, which enables the customer to customise it and adapt it to their targets and business needs. 

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